Chrissy Teigen Racy Tweets and Big Family Plans

Chrissy Teigen Racy Tweets and Big Family Plans

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen is well known for her racy tweets and uploading the same sort of pictures on her Instagram account, but what may not be so well publicised is her big family plans. It seems that the outspoken model really looks up to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and like them, she wants a substantially large family unit.

On May 8, the model talked about her new husband, singer John Legend, and her plans to get in a family way stat. In fact, it appears that Chrissy is a little disappointed that she has not gotten pregnant after dating for over six years. According to the 28 year-old leggy beauty, her husband John also wants a large family. Apparently her 35 year-old husband likes the idea of a “Brangelina” sized brood, but she says that six may be two too many. The model insists that four is the perfect number for her, although Chrissy joked that she meant four nannies and not four children.

But Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie family plans aside, Teigen loves talking, i.e. tweeting, about her sex life and she has gotten in a spot of bother with Instagram with her nude photos that have been shared in the past. Although, Chrissy swears that the naked spray-tan picture was taken by her mother. In an article by People the naked picture taker admits that she’s her daughter’s biggest fan. 52 year-old Vilailuck says that she loves Chrissy’s posts on Twitter and on Instagram. Those tweets may be racy, but Teigen has always been upfront about what she thinks, even her big family plans are no longer a secret.

Her mother has always encouraged Chrissy to speak her mind. According to Vilailuck, a native of Thailand, there are a lot of things that people are not allowed to say or do in Thai culture. Vilailuck says that Teigen comes out with what she (Vilailuck) wants to say, but would never dare to and that her daughter just spouts it out on her social media accounts. Chrissy’s mother loves what she tweets so much, that she retweets it on her Twitter feed.

Teigen’s dad is not such a huge fan of his daughter’s outspoken nature, Chrissy says he tried to reign her in when she was younger, but he has learned to accept her the way she is. It sounds like the model gets on very well with her mother, which is perfect since this is the time of year that Mother’s Day is celebrated.

The two women share a love of social media, and actively interact on Twitter. Teigen says both her parents, even her dad, love her “kooky” and “crazy” behavior. The swimsuit model also spoke of how the public’s idea of what is considered attractive has changed. People, according to Chrissy Teigen, want to look skinny and that the once complimentary “you look curvy,” is now seen as being dissed. She has said that because of this shift in body image, some remarks can carry quite a sting, even when she knows that they are wrong. Will this dissing make Chrissy stop posting racy tweets? The answer to that is a big no and she still wants to start as soon as possible on her big family plans. Brangelina had better move over to let Teigen and Legend start their brood.

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