Courtney Love Claims Sarcastic Wedding Note Then Releases ‘Wedding Day’

Courtney Love

Last week the Seattle Police Department unveiled a series of previously unreleased photographs and documents relating to the apparent suicide of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. One particular note caught the public’s attention due to contents that mocked traditional wedding vows and insulted Courtney Love, referring to her as a “b**** with zits.” Love is now claiming that she authored the note and other sources are confirming that the couple often exchanged similarly sarcastic affidavits. In perfect harmony with the public’s renewed attention on Cobain, Courtney Love has released her new single, “Wedding Day.”

Kurt Cobain was found dead at his home in Seattle, Washington on April 8, 1994 of an apparent suicide. A shotgun was found across his body and a suicide note was found nearby. Prior to his death, Cobain had been released from a drug rehabilitation center and had worried then wife, Courtney Love, with his suicidal behavior. At the time of his death, Seattle authorities reported that Cobain’s blood tests showed he had been high on heroin at the time of his suicide. Friends appeared surprised by his suicide, claiming that they were unaware that Cobain was someone who might take his own life.

Cobain Death Scene Photo Released By SPD

Some still believe that the story behind Kurt Cobain’s suicide was fabricated, and that the singer instead fell victim to murder. The sarcastic note found in his wallet casts Love in a distinctly different light than the suicide note found twenty years prior which describes Love as a “goddess.” Theorists also claim that the handwriting of both notes is eerily similar. The SPD has reviewed the case, however, and ruled that there is no reason to question Cobain’s originally stated cause of death.

On the heels of the wedding note controversy, Courtney Love has released her single, “Wedding Day.” The 3 minute song highlights Love’s deep, throaty vocals over grungy guitar riffs influenced by both the 90s grunge Cobain and Love became famous for as well as some 70s-style punk. Wedding Day sounds similar to the first track off of Hole’s 1991 album, Pretty On The Inside, entitled “Teenage Whore.” Compare the lines, “Get out of my house/Get out of my house” and “Get out of my bed/Get out of my bed,” both in front of a hard, driving guitar riff. In contrasting the two, the just released, “Wedding Day,” single appears to draw from a range of heavier punk and metal influences. The double-sided single is Courtney Love’s first solo release in 10 years and the singer is saying it’s the “best music” she’s created in a long time.

Courtney Michelle Love is an internationally acclaimed musician, actress, and artist. The combination of her garage, punk, grunge rock band Hole and her relationship with Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain skyrocketed her to international fame in the early 1990s. Hole received a lot of attention and positive acclaim in the nineties, and Love, herself, received a Golden Globe Nomination for her role in the film The People vs. Larry Flint. During the 2000s, Hole remained quiet and Love’s solo releases met with mixed reviews. Now, Courtney Love appears invigorated with a new passion audible in her new single “Wedding Day.”

By James Ryder


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