Courtney Love Claims She Wrote the Note

LoveEarlier today, it was revealed that Courtney Love has claimed to be the one who penned the note found in Kurt Cobain’s wallet and released earlier this week. Longtime friend and author, Charles R. Cross, says that Love emailed him and said she had written the note for Cobain in 1991 before the got married. Cross states that the couple often wrote sarcastic “love notes” to one another, particularly early on in their relationship. He has also confirmed that it is indeed Love’s handwriting.

Love further explained that on the night she wrote it, New Year’s Eve 1991, Nirvana was playing in San Francisco with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam. This means that Cobain carried that note around in his wallet for three years. Some would say that is a testament to the love he had for his wife.

Questions are being raised, however, regarding handwriting. When the wallet note was thought to be penned by Cobain, experts were saying that the writing did indeed match the handwriting in the suicide letter found at the scene of his death. Now that Love is the writer of the wallet note, where does that leave the experts?

One troubling aspect of the suicide letter is the last four lines. They appear to be penned by a different hand from the rest of the note. The difference is actually quite alarming. One investigator, named Tom Grant, has acquired a hand-written note from Love and he claims that it is her penmanship in those last four lines. However, if it is indeed her handwriting at the end of the suicide note, it most certainly is not her handwriting in the wallet note. But, why would Courtney Love claim that she had written the note if she had not?

Perhaps it has something to do with her father. Hank Harrison seems to think that he can prove that his daughter had something to do with Cobain’s death. He says that when he saw the note found in Cobain’s wallet, what had previously been suspicion became absolute certainty. However, it is important to keep in mind that father and daughter have been estranged from one another for most of her life. Also, Harrison is trying to sell a book about Cobain’s death; a book that was already published once before. So, Love’s owning up about the note may just be a response to her father; a way to say, “you are barking up the wrong tree, dad.”

Anyone who was at the Cow Palace for that epic New Year’s show will remember stellar performances from all three of the bands on tap that night. Though controversy continues to swirl around the death of a beloved rock artist, in the end, perhaps that scribbled “love note” will prove to be just another piece of rock music memorabilia. Until then, it remains in police custody in a file marked K. Cobain 4/8/94.

Whether Love’s claim that she wrote the note is true or not, it still remains clear that they were indeed in love, no matter how tumultuous the relationship may have been. It is easy to picture them sitting backstage, having a laugh over the tongue-in-cheek wedding vows, then Kurt folding it up and putting it his wallet where he would keep it always.

Opinion by Stacy Lamy





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