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Detroit Lions Lair
Although it is a long way until the start of training camp, and even longer still until the beginning of the season, the Detroit Lions are proving themselves ready for whatever comes. Workouts for the Lions are becoming as big a celebration for great plays as it is during the season. It could just be the changes in the coaching staff, and combined with that, the enthusiasm that defensive coordinator Teryl Austin is bringing to the team. The team seems to be embracing the changes and being all the better for it, everyone seems to be 100 percent invested and this could mean a record season for the team. The draft seems to have dictated the way the team will work together, and how they will be utilizing an open and closed end rather than just being more interchangeable like last season.
Ezeliel Ansah will likely play open end, opposite the tight end in most any formation. Jason Jones is one of the larger players and will most likely be utilized to bump on the side of the tight end in an effort to derail his route. Strong and free safety designations will be separate in the back end and how the corner will be played will be different also. Overall the team is expected to have cornerbacks that will be more aggressive. Darius Slay, one of the teams cornerbacks is stating that they just may be pressing every play, and that is far more than in seasons past. The Detroit Lions, at least defensively, are ready to do things differently and more aggressively, and creating turnovers is going to be key. With their draft picks and their existing defensive players, they are already starting to look real good during their workouts.
Last season it seemed that the Detroit Lions were always just a step or two from getting that quarterback sack, and they aim to change that this season, and the change in defense strategy could be just the ticket. Getting that half second advantage could be what they need to force those types of plays, and watching them practice it is certainly looking like they are on their way to getting where they need to be. They are certainly faster and far more exuberant and look serious about getting those turnovers and creating chaos for the opposing teams. It is an intensity long needed in the Lions defense, and Kevin Ogletree, one of the teams receivers is seeing it, and getting excited. Head Coach Caldwell seems to have a knack for selling it to the team by telling the brutal and honest truth, and it seems to be working. He has a quieter coaching style than Schwartz, and only time will tell if this will be as effective as it seems to be in their workouts. Fans are looking forward to a banner season, and with the way the Detroit Lions are looking in their workouts, training camp will be quite interesting indeed. Fans and media alike will be looking to see what time team is doing in September.
Commentary by Kristi Cereska
Guardian Liberty Voice Sports Writer covering the Detroit Lions

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