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NFL Draft, Detroit LionsDetroit Lions roar into the NFL draft picks by addressing their defensive line once again with Eric Ebron. It makes sense, as they have three defensive tackles in the last year on their contracts, and they are top players. It does not look as though Nick Fairley will return in 2015, so picking up Eric Ebron just makes sense. Maintaining the interior pass rush was the order of the day, and Ebron is an excellent pick. Watkins proved to be too costly, and he will be going to Buffalo in the first trade of the night with Cleveland.

NFL Draft

Ebron is a tight end out of North Carolina and he has had a banner day, and it is not just about getting picked in the first round of the NFL Draft. He proposed to his girlfriend on top of the Empire State building on this momentous day, May 8, 2014. His now fiancee, Brittany Rountree is a Tar Heels Basketball player, and she got the royal treatment as Ebron got down on one knee to propose. (see right) So this day will hold two life changing events for the new Lions tight end. As a freshman in 2011 Ebron played in 10 games one as a starter, and racked up 10 receptions for a total of 207 yards, including a touchdown. In 2012 he started in 11 games, and in 2013 set the record for yards by a tight end, totally 62-973-3 breaking Vernon Davis’ record. He has had a few injuries limiting his play, hurting his right shoulder and straining his right hamstring on his 40-yard dash attempt during the NFL Scouting Combine.

Mike Mayock stated that Ebon has better hands than Veronon Davis and there is really no comparison. He states that for a kid his size, 6’4″ and 245 pounds, he is one of the best athletes he’s seen and he makes everything he does look easy. Add this NFL draft pick to the Detroit Lions existing line of Joseph Fauria and Brandon Pettigrew, and it will give Stafford a lot of options to roar about. Ebron has shown outstanding receiving skills and is an advanced route runner, and has body control and agility that when added to his quickness, is a combination to be reckoned with. His one-handed grabs make it look like a standard part of the game and he has a wide radius for catching, and that is just a win/win.

This 21-year-old rookie also has some weakness’ that will have to be worked on in the Lions camp. He will need to improve as a blocker and can also stand to improve his technique and finish. His inconsistency in the intensity that he plays with could be better, and with that will come the needed focus. His loud personality and need to brag on himself can rub a person the wrong way, however, he is a needed player on this Detroit team. He is extremely athletic and productive and with his speed and movement he could become a huge benefit even as he grows as a blocker. The Detroit Lions and their fans should certainly have something to roar about with NFL Draft pick Eric Ebron.

Commentary by Kristi Cereska
Guardian Liberty Voice Writer Covering the Detroit Lions


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