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facebookThere are a lot of crazy Facebook pages out there but this one takes the cake, it is a page for a life-size puppet or Marionette, in the image of George Harrison. Upon first examination of the life-size doll performing, (see below) it does not seem so weird however, when a fan goes on the social media site it starts to get a little strange indeed. A puppet builder named Jenn has built a six-foot tall replica of the former Beatle, along with a series of video’s of the Marionette singing and playing songs such as My Sweet Lord. He also plays guitar, banjo and the ukulele in these video’s. Interesting and entertaining for sure, if only to admire the work that went into the construction of the puppet. Jenn has documented her 6 month journey of the making of George, on several different forums. She has stated that the creation was originally to be much smaller, more like a standard marionette, two to three feet tall, but due to the nature of the animation it became almost bigger than life.


Taking inspiration from the eighties George, he is dressed as the real Harrison might have been at that time, even sporting a Dark Horse Records pin on the lapel of his jacket. Creating these videos on a shoestring budget, many fans will notice that the electric guitar is not fully accurate however, his hand movements are very impressive indeed. The hands are made of stiff wires making them completely pose-able, thus making the playing of the guitar or ukulele very believable. The puppeteer who has 35 years of experience, felt the need to be completely genuine to the solo artist Harrison became after the Beatles. She did not want to represent Harrison as he was during his career as one of the fab five. She included such details as replicating his hands by referencing the cover of his album ‘Living in the Material World’, thus ensuring every detail was captured.

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Ok, so this is all fun and interesting, and one could even admire the workmanship of this handcrafted puppet. When you go to the puppets Facebook page is when it starts to turn, and many will wonder about the state-of-mind of Jenn, the creator and puppeteer. The page is full of pictures of George posed doing everyday things, such as celebrating his birthday, or greeting visitors. His maker states that he is good company even if he is quiet, and he always seems to be content, so he must be happy. The pictures of this marionette can be quite disturbing or quaint and charming, depending on the perspective of the person viewing them. They speak to the person that made this life-size Beatle, and her need to keep him close. So for entertainment value this is amusing and as such, the video below shows the marionette being filmed and performing My Sweet Lord. ┬áThe video is called ‘behind the strings’ as it also shows some behind the scenes footage, and what it takes to make the marionette come to life. Facebook is certainly an important part of today’s social media scene, and it is now home to the puppet named George Harrison, where fans can go to celebrate his birthday, and even the holidays with this life-size former Beatle.

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