Facebook Gets a Little More Creepier


Facebook has just gotten a little more creepier with its latest update. It is also causing privacy advocates to question the social media site further, as it takes stalking one step further. The newest update has made it possible for people to ask for their friends’ relationship statuses.

The social networking site has always wanted people to share every detail of their lives. It encourages people to share their work details, phone number and even relationship status. However, not everyone wants to share all this—and rightly so. There are many concerns about sharing too much information online, including real-life stalking and identity fraud.

For those who choose not to share the information, friends will see an “Ask” button appear. This is for friends to click and find out the information. The good thing for the user is that he or she will always know who is asking, and only friends on the site can ask this type of question. There is (currently) no way for strangers to ask for this type of information, but that does not mean Facebook is not considering doing this.

When someone clicks on the “ask” button, they will be asked for a reason. This is something the user will see when they receive the request, and can then decide whether to share the information or not. It can either be added to the “about” section and only displayed to the person requesting it, or sent through a private message.

It just seems like Facebook is getting a little more creepier by the day. There is always something new added that makes people question why they are still using the website. Unfortunately, it is still the number one social media site, and until others become more popular it is the best way for some people to stay in contact with friends and family members.

The problem is that the social networking site has no concern about the privacy of others. There is a privacy statement, but that just covers how the social media giant uses the collected information. It does not cover how others can use the information when they find it.

There are some who believe that users should not display information that they do not want shared with others. That would make sense, but it is now clear that Facebook is implementing ways for others to ask about the private information.

One problem with the system is that if one person asks and information shared, that news can be updated should a second person ask. The change is universal, even if the person requested does not want to share the updated information with that first requester.

There is no method to turn the new feature off, which makes it worse. People can be bugged by their friends to find out more information, and there is no way to stop it from happening. Those who still do not want to share the information can only ignore the requests.

The change has affected the more sensitive information including hometown and relationship status. It shows that Facebook is getting a little more creepier, and there are no signs of stopping.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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