Floyd Mayweather and Rapper T.I. Scrap at Fatburger


Just less then a week after announcing his return to the boxing ring in September, Floyd Mayweather is back in the news after it was reported to having an altercation with famous rapper, T.I., at the Fatburger on the Las Vegas strip. Reports having immediate information noted that Floyd was eating in the burger joint when T.I. walked in and started verbally attacking the boxer; which led to a brief scrap between the two, where it is being said that T.I. threw the first punch. Bodyguards got involved and chairs went flying during the altercation between the two groups of men. One man was was injured during the ruckus, though the injuries were considered minor, and the man refused to cooperate with police officials. In one of the many videos that has surfaced from the incident, Mayweather is seen shouting at T.I., telling the rapper to control his girl. Neither of the two stars were injured during the melee, and neither of two have come forward to discuss their involvement in the altercation.

The pound for pound king of boxing is just recently removed from having a grueling bout with challenger, Marcos Maidana. Mayweather will more then likely address the issue that concurred at Fatburger when he sees fit to talk to the media. “Money” is known for being very media savvy, and knows sooner or later that the world will want to know what happened between him and another highly known rapper in T.I. Once the media has cleared that hurdle, the main focus will turn to his next fight scheduled for September 13. Muhammad Ali is among the many that are dying to see Mayweather finally give the match up the fans want with Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. It just seemed as if Floyd does not desire that match up. Another prospect who could have caught Floyd’s eye as the co-main event to his May fight was Amir Khan. Khan shined as he defeated an over matched Louis Collazo, dropping him with punches three times throughout the fight. Before the May event, both Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana were in consideration for Mayweather to fight, before he decided his opponent was Maidana. It is a match up that would make sense for both, but boxing fans really want that Manny Pacquiao scrap more then anything.

Being involved with entertainment stars is nothing new to Floyd, just recently having Justin Bieber accompany him to the ring before he fought Maidana. Verbal confrontations and physical altercations are just part of the Floyd persona. Love him or hate him, he is still one of the best to ever step into a boxing ring. One would guess 47-0 boxer would love to keep his scraps out of a public place like Fatburger, but such is life as a known commodity. This may not be the last time we come upon a story of Mayweather and T.I., but for Floyd’s sake though hopefully it can wait until after his September 13 bout on pay per view.

Commentary by Justin Huffman

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