Floyd Mayweather Jr Defeats Marcos Maidana in Brawl

Floyd Mayweather Jr

In what may have been the toughest fight of his career, Floyd Mayweather Jr defeated Marcos Maidana by majority decision to unify his championship in the welterweight division. Maidana took the fight to Mayweather and believed that he was the true winner of the fight. One judge had the fight scored as a draw with a score of 114-114 and the other two had the pound for pound king winning 117-111 and 116-112 respectively.

Maidana rose to prominence after beating another money team fighter and previously undefeated Adrien Broner in a unanimous decision. He has a very awkward yet effective style as he is known to throw a lot of punches and turn fights into brawls. Before the fight Mayweather said that he was going to have to fight this bout differently than he had ever shown previously. In the days leading up to the bout branded ‘The Moment’ the Mayweather camp forced Maidana to change gloves as they cited a lack of padding in the knuckle area of the custom-made gloves the Argentinian planned on using. Perhaps they knew that this would turn into a brawl and any power advantage Maidnana could have would hurt them.

Tonight Maidnana showed he could control the tempo and take the fight to Mayweather like none of Floyd’s previous match ups have been able to do. Early on he dominated and made Mayweather look very uncomfortable in the ring by pinning him against the ropes and refusing to stop throwing punches. The pace of the first few rounds was very frantic and it was questioned whether or not Maidana could keep up his pace of punches. In the forth round Mayweather suffered a cut over his right eye caused by an accidental head-butt, this is the first cut he has ever suffered as a professional fighter. As the fight went on Money Mayweather began to find his rhythm and began to look more comfortable. Maidana showed no signs of slowing down and continued to try to pin the champ against the ropes. At one point the cameras even caught the Argentinian’s corner men saying you cannot lose rounds even if that meant fighting dirty. This was heard by Maidana as he landed several low blows including one that was very clear to cameras while the fighters were tied up against the ropes. Mayweather was visibly frustrated by what he felt were continuous low blows and had several moments in the fight where he was visibly pleading with the referee.

Never in Mayweather’s career has he been drawn into a brawl quite like this one, he has been tested in previous fights against Cotto, De La Hoya and Mosley, but he has never resorted to adapting to the brawl like he did tonight against Maidana. In the later rounds the champ showed a much greater ability to defend himself while up against the ropes and started landing many more counter punches. Mayweather’s right hook started to really land in the late rounds of the fight and may have just been the one punch that won him the fight. He was much more efficient than Maidana but they landed nearly the exact same number of punches throughout the fight. Mayweather showed an ability to fight back after adversity like he had never really had to do in his career, apart from the Zab Judah fight, which was interrupted by his uncle and trainer rushing the ring after Judah landed a low blow. In the last two rounds Mayweather looked very comfortable and showed why he is the best pound for pound fighter on earth even with the flurry of punches continuing to come in from Maidana. This may have been the most exciting fight in Mayweather’s career and a rematch could be in the works after he won a very close majority decision with one judge even scoring the fight a draw.

In the end Floyd Mayweather Jr was the deserving winner over Marcos Maidana in a fight that became an epic brawl. Even Floyd said after the fight that he was giving the fans what they wanted by boxing less and fighting more. Maidana felt he won the fight and he did fight very well, perhaps even well enough to warrant a rematch. Only time will tell if the two will meet again but for now the boxing world can be happy after witnessing a brilliant fight by two of the world’s best.

Commentary By Max Petkevicius



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