Frogs Are Interesting Creatures


It is no secret, like with any other animal, frogs are interesting creatures. They are interesting in the way that spiders and snakes are interesting. They are known to have beautiful patterns and colors, come in different sizes, and are mostly known for the toxins carried within. The toxins from frogs carry a variety of affects upon the human system, some causing life threatening results. Even the tiniest of the species can have the largest punch. From the smallest being that of a Paedopryne amanuensis to the biggest of the family, Toads, each and every one has something different about it. Many similarities also exist about frogs, such as the fact that their food of choice is insects.

Frogs are interesting creatures so much so that the number of frogs known to man within the species reaches over 4,000. Perhaps the purpose of the frog is to assist with the health of the ecosystem. It is a fact that scientists use the frogs for this very purpose. The skin of many frogs, though brightly colored and beautiful, are not meant simply to look appealing to the human eye. Like a few species of animal, the bright colors of the skin are used to attract a mate. The males of certain species are bright in hue, whereas the females are dull in shade. The other purpose for this bright pigmentation is to act as a warning to predators. Some frogs are known to have toxin or poison that works instantly when a predator tries to consume them.

Frogs are interesting creatures to scientific researchers on a daily basis. The Glass Frog is said to be a beautiful amphibian whose skin is known to appear transparent. Because of this transparent appearance, the internal organs of the frog can be seen. Normally found within humid mountain areas of Central and South America, the glass frog covers the trees to the point where the forests become known as cloud forests. The transparency of the glass frog is not only for looks, however. During the night when there is the most known activity, the see-through skin of this amphibian acts as a natural cover from the eyes of predators.

Another scientifically interesting critter of this family is the Red Eyed Tree Frog. This frog is completely vibrant in color from the green of its body, to the yellow and blue stripes on its sides, and all the way to the bright red of its eyes. The feet of this amphibian are bright orange and appear as though the frog has long fingers. Like most other frogs, flies and other insects make up its diet. Tree frogs are nocturnal amphibians which is why their eyes are red. The red color helps them to see in the nighttime hours much like sunglasses help a person see in the bright sunlight. Known to be found in tropical forests, it may be a surprise to most people that the Red Eyed Tree Frogs are considered house pets.

Within the animal kingdom there are different worlds; reptilian, amphibian, canine, feline, herbivore, carnivore, and more. Each animal comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some have been known to be the most fearsome when in fact this is not true, and some have yet to be discovered on land or in the ocean. And when it comes to frogs there is no exceptions to this rule. It is a fact that frogs are scientifically interesting creatures.

By Isis E. Stevens


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