Glee Star Naya Rivera Has Definitely Been Fired?

GleeThere are a lot of contradicting reports lately, but it seems like Glee star Naya Rivera has definitely been fired from the set. Rumors started as early as March that the actress who plays Santana would be leaving the show after not being mentioned by Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry on the show. However, the actress played down the rumors to start with.

Now sources close to the show have come forward to suggest that the star is leaving, and not because she wants to. Her part has already been written out of the season finale, which is still to air. According to Glee show runners that was a necessity. Cutting the season from 22 episode to 20 meant that storylines had to be cut. Unfortunately, Rivera’s storyline was one of the least essential ones. The show runners did mention that season six would be longer, and the storylines could be addressed then.

At a party for the 100th episode, the actresses stated that missing her name out in an interview was a Freudian slip by Michele. However, the two had been having trouble on set, partially due to Michele being the lead on the show. It is possible that the young actress did it intentionally, making it clear that Santana would not be appearing for much of season five or any of season six.

So has Glee star Rivera definitely been fired from the show? Her reps state otherwise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the rumors are untrue, including those of Rivera being banned from the set.

However, people still believe the opposite, especially with a tweet from the actress herself using the hashtag #starttogetherendtogether. This happened back in February, and was presumably during the filming of the Brittney/Santana scenes in New York where the two meet up. However, there are chances that the ending was actually for Heather Morris, who plays Brittney, and was actually about the 100th episode. During that, Brittney had the decision to make of whether to go to New York with Santana or not, and Rivera seems to have been hinting at the decision she would eventually make.

There is still no confirmation over whether the actress will be leaving the Glee set or not. It is true that her character has not had as much air time in season five as in previous seasons, but many other characters have found the same. The dynamic of the show has completely changed since characters started leaving high school and moving to New York. Season five was the chance to introduce the New York storyline, which is going to be where season six continuously takes place.

Plenty of other characters may leave at the end of season five. The contracts are up for renewal, and there have been a number of changes to ideas. Nobody will know for certain until the end of June. However it certainly seems like something is going on because sources close to the show stated that Rivera’s break is the “best for everyone.” So, time will tell whether Glee star Rivera has definitely been fired or not.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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