Glee Stars Are Not Feuding


Lea Michele has spoken out to say that she and fellow Glee star Naya Rivera are not feuding. This is a rumor that has spread over the last month, and has been blamed for Rivera not appearing in the season finale of the show. However, despite claims that the two are friends, many fans of the show have not believed them.

While on the David Letterman show to promote her new book, Michele spoke out about the rumors, making it clear that there was not a feud. This war between them reportedly started due to Rivera being jealous of Michele’s role as the leading lady, and wanted more time in the spotlight. Instead of that, claims are that her storylines were cut in favor of the 26-year-old actress. The Glee leading lady was annoyed at the rumors, mainly due to the idea of pitting two women against each other. She made it clear that all the rumors were made up, and there was nothing going on behind the scenes.

The stories that the two were feuding led to the rumor that Rivera was leaving the show. Fox and the show runners spoke out to make it clear that there were no definite roles cast for the final season of the show. The contracts for season six had not been signed yet, so there were chances that Rivera would leave, but not due to anything happening between cast members behind the scenes. The Glee stars are definitely not feuding.

The actress, who plays Santana on the show, also had her representatives to speak for her. They made it clear that she had definitely not been fired. At the same time, rumors that the actress had problems with the producers started, which would have been more of a cause for concern.

So far, there is still no confirmation about the cast for the last season of Glee. It will now be based in New York, and follow Michele’s Rachel Berry, along with other cast members from the previous seasons who followed her there from McKinley High School. Rivera’s Santana Lopez is expected to be a part of that, as long as she signs on for the final year.

Fans were annoyed to see that she was not part of the season five finale. They believed it was a sign that she would not return, especially after she had been missing for a few episodes throughout. The show runners explained that it was an issue when the show was cut down from the regular 22 episode season. It meant that the show storylines had to be cut, and that is always a difficult decision. Santana’s storyline was one of the favorites to cut, but it was not to do with the actress.

The final season is expected to be longer than normal, which will help to bring in all the storylines the producers wanted to cover in the last season. Only time will tell whether that means Rivera will be back on the scene and have more air time. If she does leave, it is not due to a feud with Michele, as the Glee stars are definitely not feuding.

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