Great Hiking Spots in Southern California


Southern California is known for having some great hiking spots, but living in a big city like Los Angeles they can be hard to find. Here is a list of some of the best hiking spots for every kind of hiking connoisseur.

Corral Canyon, Malibu CA. Corral Canyon is the perfect trail for hikers who want to experience a unique California hiking experience and are willing to drive some 20-30 minutes north of Santa Monica on Pacific Coast Highway. Once on the trail, giant disks form mountains that stick-out making small caves and crevices which hikers can climb and take photographs. The view is a stunning 360 panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and Los Angeles Valley basin. Perfect for photographers and sunset connoisseurs and people who enjoy being active, the scenery is sublime, breathtaking and isolated.

Franklin Canyon Park, Studio City CA. Franklin Canyon park rates next on the list because of its accessibility and effectiveness when it comes to finding nature in a crowded city like Los Angeles. Just 10 minutes up Laurel Canyon from Studio City and a hiker can find themselves next to a tranquil pond feeding ducks and frogs. The trails can surprisingly get pretty high offering views of mansions on Muhollond Drive. There is a surprising amount of wildlife and botany, great place to take friends or a significant other for a picnic. Not too strenuous for people who are particularly concerned with hiking and want to get into nature quickly.

Eaton Canyon Waterfall Trail. Eaton Canyon is famous for it’s waterfall hike, and its one of the great hiking spots in Southern California. Some people feel a bond with waterfalls, feeling tranquil for hours listening and watching the ongoing river fall down the mountain. The hike here is not very strenuous and is a great place to bring the dog. Eaton Canyon is famous for its waterfalls and beautiful scenery, make sure to bring a camera and a friend with a great smile but expect that others may be there as well.

Topanga State Park Trek. Fields of tall flowers is10 minutes from Sunset Blvd for Topanga State Park. The hike starts in Pacific Parisades at the end of Los Liones Dr, just a short ways north of Sunset Blvd. This trail is known to be a bit more strenuous, but at the top has a very rewarding peek, great for lunch or a spot to relax gazing on-top of a great overlook of Los Angeles; 1,300 feet above sea level.

Vasquez Rock Trek. This is the location for a group of friends who want to make a complete day out of going hiking. The Vazquez rocks are one of the most beautiful places in California, a rocky underworld of a ancient ocean, that has smoothed over monolithic rocks into a palace for rock climbers and trailblazers. The scenery is so epic it has been scene in a multitude of Star Trek episodes and movies. The area is huge, very isolated and totally separated from society. Bring water and prepare to have a mind-blowing experience, something similar to the Grand Canyon.

It is important for Southern California city dwellers to get out of the concrete jungle and experience some great hiking spots, to get back to their roots and reap the benefits of mother nature.

Opinion by Zane Foley


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