Henderson offers Cormier “Chicken” Before UFC 173: MMA Spotlight

UFC MMA Spotlight

The match up between Dan Henderson and Daniel Cormier will take place as the co-main event for a stacked UFC card which will take place in Las Vegas, Neveda, this Saturday night. That match may very well have title implications, pending on the victor; potentially lining the winning fighter up with the winner of the Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson light heavyweight title match up. Cormier is the heavy favorite heading into UFC 173. Being the underdog has become a role that Dan Henderson has become quite accustomed to in his most recent fights.  Both Henderson and Cormier are taking their title intentions very seriously, but it does not cause either fighter to lose any sense of humor heading into Saturday’s event. Not too many opponents mess with each other in a friendly manner just days before the event, leave it to Dan to lighten the mood just days before the two square off inside the cage at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

The sixth ranked light heavyweight in the UFC, Dan Henderson, knew his opponent has an unfounded love for some Popeye’s Chicken, and could not wait until after his weight cut to eat some. The nice guy that Dan is, his first order of business after arriving UFC MMA Spotlightto his hotel was to help with his opponents weight cut. Daniel Cormier was in the process of doing some light pad boxing work when Henderson walked in with a bag of Popeye’s in his right hand, announcing he had a present for Cormier. Cormier laughed it off and told Henderson to” get that out of here.” While continuing some pad work fully decked out in sweat wear, Cormier and Henderson jokingly exchanged a few words for a few moments before Henderson left. Before Henderson walked out he adamantly told Cormier that he was going to go have some chicken himself. A statement that Dan was not joking around with. Moments later he told UFC middleweight, Luke Rockhold, he was going back to to eat some chicken. Fact of the matter is that Henderson walks around in the 190 lbs. – 200 lbs. range, and could afford some greasy deliciousness to get up to the 205 lbs. weight limit for the light heavyweight fight. Cormier formerly fought in the heavyweight division, and is making his second appearance in the light heavyweight division. Needless to say, chicken will not be on the menu until after the weigh-ins for Cormier.

The respect between the two is mutual, and a fight was not warranted in the first place by Daniel Cormier, but as both stated, business is business. When title implications are on the line, a fighter may feel inclined to do what is necessary to reach their goal in their respective organization. All jokes, and chicken, aside, the  fourth and sixth ranked light heavyweights plan on putting on a show for the fans in Las Vegas. Cormier is the rising up and comer with the unblemished record. Henderson is the wily veteran who finds a way to stick around in fights, and plant his bomb of a right hand on opponents chins. Las Vegas is in for a treat tomorrow night, make sure to follow the Guardian Liberty Voice’s coverage on the UFC 173 throughout the weekend.

Commentary by Justin Huffman
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