HGTV Bigoted and Bullied

Conservative Views Should Not Disqualify


HGTVThe Home and Garden Television (HGTV) network has not only chosen to be bigoted, but also opted to be bullied by gay activists. All reports point to confirming that the Benham Brothers had been fully vetted a year-and-a-half ago to host the show “Flip It Forward.” The flip became a forced flop when gay activists began their bullying tactics and pressured the network to abandon the Benhams’. HGTV, rather than to be all-inclusive, has agreed to be exclusively supportive of the gay agenda, and Christian occlusive.

Bigoted, for the sake of clarification, means to stick by a belief without reason and to be intolerant of any other views. To be bullied means to frighten another by noisy talk or threats. Exclusively refers to the exclusion of all others, and occlusion, well, clearly that means to shut out.

David and Jason have been shut out because of their faith in Jesus Christ. The gay agenda has been exclusively elevated because of their noisy talk and hatred of Jesus Christ. HGTV has chosen to stick by their bigoted resolve and support what appears to be a decision without reason to occlude the Benhams.

The Benham’s have always been clear on their stance to profess Jesus Christ and to hold fast to His standards. Their stance is not one of hatred, but one of love. Jesus is the one and only staple of stability that this world has to cling to. Hebrew 13:8 says it best, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, yes and forever.” There are those who choose to believe the message of Jesus and there are those who choose to deny, and there will be consequences for both choices.

The gay agenda promotes same-sex marriage, which is in direct opposition to The Word of God. God created male and female so that they could marry and pro-create. Two males cannot pro-create, nor can two females pro-create; thus, marriage according to God is between one male and one female. To oppose the agenda is not opposing the gay people themselves, but to choose to the gay lifestyle is to deny and oppose God. That is the concern that the Benham Brothers are expressing, which validates the fact that the gay community has an agenda to silence the voice of Christian men and women. They do not want to hear the truth, yet The Bible is all about truth and about how the truth sets those who are captive free.

Again, some will choose to believe The Word of God and follow the instruction thereof; and some will not. Pat Robertson was stunned by the attack on Christians, stating that there was intolerance in this world and that America is losing it; meaning that it is okay for gays to attack the Christian beliefs, but do not dare touch the gay beliefs. That appears to be a discriminating double-standard. HGTV is the epitome of that discriminating double standard when they are bigoted to boot the Benhams’ and bullied by the noisy voices of the gay activists.

There is one point that both sides tend to agree on, and that is that people have the privilege to say what they want. The division speaks through the consequences for the unfavorable stance. Ellis Hanican, columnist for Newsday, voiced that he did not share the views of David and Jason, but he also recognized that their conservative views should not disqualify them from hosting the show on HGTV. His observation was that the brother’s were just the latest roadkill for an ideological hit squad, Outrage, Inc., that was looking to devour those whom they find offensive. He went on to comment that he is offended, because it seems that the day has arrived  that to utter your opinion out loud is no longer an option.

Another perspective came from the crew of HGTV. The crew 0f 20 were escorted to the unemployemnt line as they told TMZ that they were totally blindsided by the show’s cancellation. Those folks are miffed at the network, because they had passed up other opportunities to work. The crew scathingly commented that if anyone is a Judas in this fiasco, it is the honchos at the network. The crews perspective of the Benhams was that they were really nice guys who never pushed their religion on any of them.

Although David is the more vocal of the two brothers, Jason did say that when he was in Marshall Park, his heart was to offer the homosexuals another option through the love of Jesus, because he sees that these men and women are trapped in a lifestyle of destruction. That is not a message of hate, but one of deep love. To speak the truth in love, often means that something is being said that is healthy, but it does hurt to hear if not yet ready to hear it. Just like a small toddler who is looking at the pretty flame on the stove. A loving parent will scream no; hot, but the toddler does not yet understand what no means. Nor does the toddler know what hot means until they get burned. God’s Word is His love letter to all, so that they can have the option to not get burned–and if already scorched, He has a healing balm to remedy the issue.

When it comes to the issue of abortion; again, God’s word is very clear. God hates the hands that shed innocent blood, as stated in Proverbs 6:16-17…unborn babies are the most innocent of all. There is much blood on the hands of this nation as a result of the abortion clinics. To stop an abortion, is to love an unborn human being who has tremendous potential. The Benham’s are merely standing for what is right in the eyes of God–no more, no less.

The Benham’s are taking a stand to challenge the church to stop being complacent and hypocritical. The church is not perfect, but that is what Jesus died for, to cover the sins of imperfect people. It is time for the church to stop being silent. The gays came out of the closet, perhaps it is time for the Christians to come out of the closet. Billy Graham has always been out of the closet. He preached the truth from a right heart. Thanks Billy.

Both David and Jason graduated from Liberty University. They played collegiate and professional baseball. Then they became successful entrepreneurs through applying diligence, faithfulness, and determination within all of their real estate endeavors. Their message is to simply follow Christ, produce value, breathe life, and to not discriminate. They had stated that they would more than welcome the opportunity to help a gay couple on the show. Hopefully another network who is worthy of these two will pick them up so that they can continue to be salt and light to many. David and Jason took the hit like men, not at all victims. They gave a thumbs up to the network, even after  HGTV’s stance was bigoted against them due to succumbing to the bullying of the gay agenda.

Opinion by Jill Boyer-Adriance

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