Houston Texans Outset: GM Knows First Pick, Speculation Begins



General Manager Rick Smith knows something that we don’t know! That something will have to wait one more week, but the Texans G.M. knows exactly who he wants with the first pick in the NFL Draft. The uncertainty is over for a Houston team that owns the number one pick, but fans are impatiently waiting; and wanting to know which direction this team will head under new head coach, Bill O’Brien. The fan base are arguing among one another of which way their adored team should go. Some saying hey, pick the unquestioned best player in the draft, Jadeveon Clowney and pair him with J.J. Watt on the defensive line. Others think the Texans should move back in the draft, pick up a king’s ransom for the number one pick; and draft a quarterback. Some teams like the Atlanta Falcons or the Buffalo Bills, may be willing to give up whatever it takes to move up to that spot. Rick Smith holds the key to everyone’s heart and we are only a week away from where the magic happens.

Jadeveon Clowney is the consensus top overall prospect in the draft, everyone knows it; the Houston Texans know it. He could be the best pass rushing prospect to come along  since the last time Houston had the first overall pick in the 2006 draft, drafting now defensive end for the Buffalo Bills, Mario Williams. The comparison ends there as Clowney is far superior as a developed pass rusher then Williams, and heck, the kid is just a natural freak of nature athlete. The South Carolina stud’s speed is just out of this world for Texanshis position, reaching comparisons among skill positions like running backs and wide receivers. With a full arsenal of finesse and power rushing techniques, along with his rare physical attributes; Clowney resembles that once in a decade player that, usually, no team is willing to pass on.

Schematically, Jedeveon Clowney just does not fit into the Texans defense. Clowney is built to be a pure defensive end in a 4-3 defensive scheme; Houston runs a 3-4 defense. An outside linebacker like Khalil Mack could be in play for Houston’s pick, but Smith has to decide if Mack is really worth a first overall pick. The quarterback position is obviously the lame duck standing out in the crowd when you scam through Houston’s roster. It has already been noted that Smith and company will be drafting a quarterback, but when? Johnny Manziel is the unanimous fan favorite quarterback among the Houston community. Manziel wants to be the first pick, the fan base in Houston want Johnny “Football” as their franchise quarterback; who knows if Rick Smith feels the same. Blake Bortles could also be in play, as he put on a brilliant show when he beat new head coach, Bill O’Brien, at his former coaching gig in Penn State. But once again, none of these quarterbacks have been considered first pick overall material by NFL draft experts.

The first pick of the second round is always an option as their will be adequate QB play still on the board in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Houston brass do not have to force their hand into drafting a quarterback early if they do not feel comfortable doing so. A trade back seems to be the most favorable scenario, it would allow them to draft the player they have eyed from the beginning; and garner quite a few extra picks in the process. The wheeling and dealing process of the draft is possibly the most exciting part of the whole process, and the first pick may get the wheels kicking on the extra curricular activities early next Thursday.

Commentary by Justin Huffman
Guardian Liberty Voice Writer covering the Houston Texans

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