Houston Texans Outset: Trade Winds Blowing Before NFL Draft


The Trade speculation for the Houston Texans just keeps piling on, as many experts seem dead set on the fact that Houston is not sold on South Carolina defensive phenom, Jadeveon Clowney. None of this derives from Clowney lacking the talent to claim number one pick status, it’s that Clowney just does not fit Houston’s defensive scheme. Khalil Mack is the ideal fit and the ideal pick, for what Houston needs. A do it all, dynamic outside linebacker would do wonders for Romeo Crennel’s new defense, Mack fits that bill; but does not fit the criteria for the number one overall pick. ┬áThe production for Mack is there, piling up over 28 sacks in his four years of college at Buffalo, while showing some coverage skills with four interceptions. Expert NFL analyst, Mike Mayock, will pound the table for the Texans to select a player like Mack with the first pick, Mack is the number one overall prospect on Mayock’s top 100 prospects big board. Clowney is the man, the object of attraction, the trade piece of appeal; that at least three or four teams are looking to move up for. A move to the Texans first overall selection may literally cost an arm and a leg to move up to, but for a desperate team on the brink of playoff contention; the move may be worth the cost.

The Atlanta Falcons have been the team most linked to Houston when discussing possible trades for the top overall pick. A year removed from the playoffs, a hungry Falcons team is in desperate need for a dynamic pass rusher. The Texans would only be Texansgiving up five positions to move back to the sixth spot held by Atlanta, while loading up on Atlanta’s later round picks; and possibly a future first round pick in next years draft with this trade. The movement backwards is not┬ádrastic for Houston, Atlanta and Clowney seem to have a mutual liking towards each other; and what’s better for a new coach then having numerous picks at your disposal in this years draft and possibly the next? It’s an ideal situation for both, but will be hard to accomplish. The Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, and the Minnesota Vikings have all also being rumored to have contacted Houston about the first pick as well. Browns hold the fourth pick in the draft, Bills with the ninth, and Minnesota with the eighth pick. The St. Louis Rams seem to be trying the baiting tactic with the Browns, using their new-found interest in Johnny Manziel to spark an aggressive move out of Cleveland. Buffalo has similar interests as the Atlanta Falcons, hoping to land someone like Clowney to pair up with their own star defensive end, Mario Williams. Intentions for the Vikings are unknown to why they may want to move up, they do have one of the most aggressive General Managers in Rick Spielman; anything is not off-limits when Minnesota hits the clock.

A dynamic defensive player is in need, a franchise quarterback is a priority; and a playoff bid for new coach Bill O’Brien is almost necessary. Houston has the tools on defense and offense to make noise in a somewhat pedestrian AFC South division. The Texans could only be a quarterback away from making some serious noise in their division, but so are the Titans and Jaguars. The Colts have a head start with Andrew Luck holding down the fort in Indy; but from a team talent standpoint, neither of the three other division teams are far off. If Houston can remain healthy and adapt to their new system under their head coaches, the fans may be pleasantly surprised in H town.

Commentary by Justin Huffman
Guardian Liberty Voice Writer covering the Houston Texans

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