Hugh Jackman Sports Skin Cancer Bandage

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman sported an obvious bandage on his nose at the premier of X-Men: Days of Future Past on Saturday night. He has been open about his surgery and told reporters he had a basal cell carcinoma legion removed prior to the premiere. Jackman was treated for basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer, last year as well. The 45-year-old actor has urged fans to “use sunscreen.”

Pictures of Jackman at the premiere last night show the bandage over the right side of his nose. Despite the treatment, the actor posed with crossed-arms and a smile on his face in front of cameras in New York City.

In addition to his role on X-Men, Hugh Jackman will be hosting the Tony Awards for the third time. Afterward, he is set to do a play called The River, written by Jez Butterworth. The play centers around a fisherman who is visited by two women in an isolated cabin. Jackman has starred in several plays, including A Steady Rain, The Boy From Oz, and in 2011 he was the star of a one-man performance that consistently sold tickets.

The Australian Hugh Jackman, before sporting the skin cancer bandage, interviewed a younger version of himself on Yahoo! The present-day Hugh informs his younger self of upcoming success and recounts the films that have turned him into a household name. The younger Jackman asks what projects he should avoid and Hugh recounts some of his more embarrassing moments.

Hugh Jackman was born on October 12, 1968, and started out on stage. He was raised with his siblings in Sydney, Australia by their father and attended the University of Technology there. His mother left her husband and children when Jackman was approximately 8 years old. Jackman played in several musicals in Melbourne, Australia before being catapulted to international fame with his role in X-Men as Wolverine. Jackman’s best known for the X-Men franchise, as well as films such as Kate and Leopold, Swordfish, Van Helsing, The Fountain, and Les Miserables, among many others. Jackman won “sexiest man alive” in 2008 by People. He also won a Golden Globe Award for his role in the box-office hit Les Miserables in 2013.

Hugh Jackman encountered Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) in 2013. BCCs are abnormal lesions that affect the skin’s epidermis, or outermost layer of skin. The legions often resemble scars. It is rare for BCC to become life-threatening, but an estimated 2.8 million Americans are diagnosed with the cancer each year. If left untreated, skin cancer can pose a serious threat to one’s health and overall complexion. UV exposure or being out in the sun without SPF sunscreen is the biggest cause of BCC.

While Jackman has encountered BCC twice in the past two years, he has said that everything should be clear moving forward. Jackman has used this experience to urge others to wear sunscreen, but seemingly remains optimistic. While Hugh Jackman sported a skin cancer bandage at the X-Men premiere on Saturday night, the actor also wore his typical, welcoming grin.

By James Ryder

Christian Science Monitor
Huffington Post

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