Hugh Jackman Treated for Skin Cancer Again

Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman has shared a photo on social media stating he has been treated for skin cancer again. It was just in November 2013 that he shared the first photo after his wife urged him to have a growth on his nose checked out. This second growth appeared on his nose again, and is another case of Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC).

The main reason for sharing the news of his operation is to urge everyone to wear sunscreen while out in the sun. This type of skin cancer is common due to UV rays, which mostly come from the sun and tanning beds.

BCC is one of the most common types of skin cancer around, and is usually easy to treat. According to SkinCancer.Org, this is the most frequent type of cancer, and affects 2.8 million people in the United States every year. As Jackman shows, it is possible to remove the tumors quickly and effectively. Most of the time the tumors will not grow past the original affected site, but it does lead to abnormal sights around the areas.

If it is left untreated, patients can be left disfigured and the nose is one of the most common areas to find it. In Jackman’s case, the skin cancer has affected his nose twice now but both times he has been fully treated.

In most cases, this type of cancer is not fatal, but that does not mean treatment is needed. While it does not usually spread to other parts of the body, especially the vital organs, it can get into the layers of tissue and destroy them. When removed quickly and early, the scarring is usually minimal and not too visible. Sometimes skin grafts are required to cover the whole area.

The only reason Jackman first has his tumor checked was because his wife insisted. It can appear as psoriasis, so is easily missed and only a professional diagnosis can lead to effective treatment. The X-Men­ actor believed it was nothing serious, and was shocked when he heard the news.

Blonde and red-haired people are the most at risk of this cancer, and those with fair skin. This is due to the affect that UV rays have on these people. However, those who spend a large amount of time outdoors, especially without sunscreen, can be affected. This is why the Les Miserables actor has asked for all his fans to ensure they wear sunscreen while out in the sun.

The nose and ears are commonly affected as they are more commonly exposed to the skin. The lower arms and cheeks can also be affected more often than other parts of the body. As is noted now, the cancer can come back to the same area, and surgery is the most effective method of treatment. This is the treatment that the Wolverine actor has had both times. Mohs surgery is the most common and effective type of surgery for BCC.

It is important for everyone to understand the dangers of being out in the sun. Jackman has been treated again for his skin cancer, and urges all his fans to heed his warning about being out without sunscreen.

By Alexandria Ingham



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