IBM Acquisitions for ExperienceOne


IBM launched their ExperienceOne platform yesterday, a combination of many different software programs which aims to provide businesses with a way to create a positive and meaningful experience for their customers. IBM has spent over $3 billion in the past five years towards software acquisitions to put into their development for the ExperienceOne platform. Among the eight purchases that are being integrated for this project are SoftLayer, Unica, and Tealeaf. With a wealth of software options available for ExperienceOne, IBM says that it will provide business solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of clients, using different programs for various functions.

Softlayer is a provider for hosting and cloud storage services. This acquisition will allow IBM to provide a more competitive public cloud system, which will give the option of online server management to companies that choose to go the technology-based route. The company still offers on-premise data services for companies that decide they want to rely on standard, non-cloud servers as well, and even a hybrid model that allows companies to utilize a combination of both options. The layer of flexibility given by Softlayer’s addition to IBM’s stable means that they will be able to offer data services that can suit the needs of a wider audience.

Unica produces marketing software that offers businesses a variety of ways to track and improve their progress, including search engine campaigns and user analytics. NetInsight, their analytics software, allows companies to track how and why users are choosing their products so that they can form more successful interfaces and marketing campaigns. Unica’s search component gives businesses options for managing and optimizing paid ads that have been placed with major search engines. By including Unica in its list of acquisitions for ExperienceOne, IBM  is offering sophisticated marketing management solutions to businesses.

Tealeaf software is designed to maximize the experience of each customer that visits a business’ webpage. One of the features of this company’s platform is cxImpact, which allows access to real time video logs of customers’ sessions. This allows businesses to track where consumers found difficulties with webpages, and view how the company’s website is experienced from the side of the customer. This allows problems with layout and technical difficulties to be detected and remedied quickly and efficiently. Tealeaf also offers a CX Mobile add-on, which allows businesses to develop apps for mobile phones, a growing source of business. Another feature of CX Mobile is the ability to create a design for company websites that is optimized for viewing on mobile web browsers, so that consumers have an easier, more pleasant experience on their phones.

IBM’s ExperienceOne portfolio has been five years in the making, and the acquisitions that have gone into its realization are aimed at providing the tools for businesses to create a customer-oriented experience. While some companies are focusing solely on marketing and drawing in new customers, ExperienceOne has been developed to provide a solution that focuses on every aspect of customers’ experience with a business. IBM’s focus is to create an experience for consumers that will promote customer retention for its clients.

By Joseph Chisarick

Destination CRM

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