Idaho Woman Escapes Rapist

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IdahoAn unidentified Idaho woman has recently escaped the clutches of a rapist following an 18 month ordeal in which she was held captive in a house on the outskirts of Buhl, Idaho. The alleged rapist, Oscar Ayala-Arizmendi, is an illegal immigrant living in the U.S.A, and was arrested by the Twin Fall County Sheriff’s Office. The victim escaped from the Idaho residence on the night of April 8 with the help of her brother, and immediately pointed police towards the residence of the 36-year-old Ayala-Arizmendi.

Upon arriving at the residence, police discovered a number of complex restraints, as well as fencing and electrical wiring which had allegedly been used to keep the victim contained within the house for the previous 18 months. The wiring in particular, seemed to be designed purely to prevent anyone from exiting the house, with detectives saying that the system was capable of delivering high voltages to anyone who came into contact with them.

The 27-year-old Idaho woman, who has recently escaped the clutches of a rapist, began living with Ayala-Arizmendi over two years ago, and was often subjected to violent beatings with a hammer and a piece of wood. Furthermore, after her previous escape attempts she was allegedly threatened with a gun to her head, and with dismemberment. The alleged rapist also supposedly led the victim around the residence with a rope which he had attached to her neck, according to a sworn statement by a Twin Falls detective. According to the victim, she was only able to escape the residence when her brother and an undisclosed number of his friends were able to force themselves into the house, whereupon the Idaho woman was able to escape the clutches of the rapist with nothing more than the clothes she was wearing at the time.

Oscar Ayala-Arizmendi has been charged by police with kidnapping, rape, and with various drug-related offenses. These drug-related offenses include Ayala-Arizmendi allegedly forcing the victim to smoke methamphetamines two or three times per week. In fact, when police searched the residence, they witnessed Ayala-Arizmendi smashing a glass pipe into a bathtub, which later tested positive for traces of methamphetamines. According to Grant Loebs, the Twin Falls County Prosecutor, the police waited approximately two and a half weeks to make the arrest, in which time they were able to gather evidence. This evidence, along with the horrific nature of the crime, has led to the alleged rapist’s bail being set at $1 million.

Ayala-Arizmendi is set to go before the court once more on May 23, but he is simultaneously being investigated by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service in order to determine the legality of his habitation in the U.S.A. While searching the residence, police found a handgun and a box of ammo, as well as a system of security cameras which were recording the premises. Furthermore, they discovered a bucket full of human waste in one of the bedrooms, which seemingly corroborated the victim’s story, as she alleged that she was often confined to the bedroom and not given access to a toilet or other bathroom facilities. The police also discovered a number of locks and chains attached to the walls of the residence, which lended further credence to the victim’s testimony.

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