Internet Explorer Options After Security Bug Notice

Internet ExplorerThere are plenty of other options to get online for those who have been affected by the Internet Explorer security bug notice. Even now that Microsoft has created the security patch, there are still ways users can protect themselves from hackers. This is extremely important for those who still use Windows XP, which has seen its security support removed last month.

The main option is to switch web browsers. With Internet Explorer before the patch it would take one malicious link and then anybody could access the information through the loophole. While that has been closed, there are worries that more of these security issues are there but have not yet been found. It is extremely worrying considering anybody using IE versions six to 11 were affected, which suggests that the issue has been around for some time.

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are two of the most popular and safest browsers available. They still have their limitations and annoyances, but that comes with any web browser. There are ways around most of the issues.

Some people are unable to switch. Unfortunately, there are websites and programs out there that only support Internet Explorer. For those who cannot switch, updating the operating system and other software is advised. Considering Microsoft has withdrawn support from Windows XP users, it is time to upgrade to Windows 7 or higher. The withdrawing of support means that no other security issues will be fixed. Hackers will find back doors.

However, there are still security issues for those updated as has been shown with the latest Internet Explorer bug notice, so further options are needed. Closing the web browser after use is the best option. It is important to close the web browser after accessing any new website and signing into accounts. It will prevent hackers having the time to find their way through.

Another option is through the use of disposable email addresses. These can be used to sign up to websites, and are only active long enough for the verification emails to come through. After that, they cannot be used and that means hackers have less chance of stealing any details. This also helps to reduce the amount of spam the regular email addresses receive, and cuts down on phishing scams.

Do not let the email open pictures within the email automatically. This is possible by going into the email account settings and opting to read in text only format. It also saves bandwidth and time. The person sending the email has no idea whether it has been opened, which decreases the chance of finding a back way into the system.

Using the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit is also advised. This has been created by Microsoft and makes it possible for IE to spot any possible dangerous links before opening them. Security threats that have not been found or formally protected against in updates are stopped quickly and effectively.

It is important for all users to protect themselves at all times. The internet browsers can be extremely vulnerable for long periods of time, as recently found. Those who prefer or need to use Internet Explorer do have options since the notice about the security bug, even with the recent Microsoft patch.

By Alexandria Ingham




Washington Post

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