iPhone Sales Dropping as Consumers Wait for the Update


iPhone sales have dropped considerably as more consumers wait for the updated phone. There are expectations that Apple’s new smartphone will be released in the fall, but there have been no confirmations as of yet. If the company wants to see sales increase it will need to say something to keep consumers buying for now.

It is understandable that consumers believe the iPhone 6 is on its way out in the fall. For the past few years, a new device has been released around September or October of each year. Last year was the 5S, the year before saw the release of the 5 and the year before that was the release of the 4S. The tech giant has started a trend that consumers follow.

The idea of releasing new devices like this also makes sense. Customers will usually tie themselves into a two-year contract when purchasing one device. Two years later, they will be ready for the upgrade and would prefer new devices, rather than something released the year before. Apple knows that it works out financially viable to release something new each year around the same time. It will always catch someone coming out of a contract cycle.

There is no real reason for the company to worry about the sales of its phones. This is definitely no sign that the interest in this model has decreased permanently. In fact, around this time every year the iPhone sales drop as consumers wait for the updates.

However, there is likely the thought that consumers will also wait for the releases from other companies. This is seen from time to time. The most recent was before Christmas when consumers waited to see if Google was releasing a new Nexus tablet. Many refrained from buying the new iPad or other devices on the market just in case the Nexus 10 2 was released.

Consumers will not have to wait for long. In about a week Apple will release the details of its new iPhone—if there is one—along with details of the new operating system. It will certainly have a lot of people talking, as there are already highlights of the new operating system rumored. There are many other devices expected from the tech giant, including the iWatch, which is supposed to compete against Samsung’s Galaxy Gear released at the end of last year.

It is important for Apple to remain innovative when it comes to new phones. The last few releases have been extremely similar, and left nothing to the imagination. Many of the rumors failed to come true, despite being rumors that excited the consumers. Other companies are now catching up and exceeding expectations, seeing some consumers jumping ship to the competitors. Apple needs to do something if it wants to keep interest in its devices. The upcoming date about the new phone is a chance to do just that.

For now, there is no need to worry about the drop in sales for its flagship smartphone. There are many reasons for the sales of the iPhone to drop, particularly as consumers wait for the updated phone and system.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


International Business Times

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