Ivy League Schools Worth the Money

Ivy LeagueWith college just around the corner for some now is the perfect time to discuss if Ivy League schools are worth the money, or would it be better to choose a lesser known school.  This is a question every parent and student must ask themselves. One of the top reasons to choose an Ivy League school is that these graduates are usually the top paid after graduating college, and will not have to spend years fighting to make it to the top.

Some may choose an Ivy League school for the reputation alone. For example, President Obama is the sixth president to attend Harvard, with such bragging rights it is easy to see why others may choose Harvard. Another thing that should be considered is whether anIvy League school is the best fit.  Visiting the schools is a great way to decide if this is a future worth paying for. As many known prestigious schools often cost two to three times as much as a state college.

Making sure the college fits the individual is important.  For example, no one wants to put on clothing that does not fit well. The same can be said for college, while some may prefer a large campus others may find this too impersonal. Students should keep in mind whether they want an involved staff, a school exclusively for partying, or a school that is all about the education. Keep in mind if the school is not offering the programs the student is interested in, it may not be the school for that individual.  Some people may find that they want to go to law school, and an Ivy League school is the perfect choice for them. Schools like Harvard are worth the money, while others may not agree.

There is no doubt, however, that with an ivy league school, obtaining life long connections are possible. Schools like these make an individual realize it is all about who someone knows.  Also, location may be a factor for many, while some may want to leave home others may want to stick close to home. As always, money can be a factor, while some may be able to obtain financial aide or school loans, others may have to live on scholarships. There is also the possibility some may only be able to attend an Ivy League school through scholarship. If that is the case you may want to consider a public college versus an Ivy League college, because the money to attend this type of college may not be worth it.

Sport players and sport fanatics may wish to attend a school with a competitive sports program. If that is the case, Ivy League schools would not be the school for that individual, as they tend to focus on studies instead of sports. Another thing to consider is room and board, since most four-year colleges require freshmen to live on-campus. If the school is reasonably priced, but the room and board is outrageous, this may not be the right school for the student financially. Ivy league schools may be a great money investment for some, however, it may not be worth it for others. It all comes down to whether this school fits financially, location wise, and education wise as well.

Opinion by Heather Tillman


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