Jamie Oliver Fights to End Childhood Obesity [Video]

Jamie OliverFriday, May 16, 2014 is Food Revolution Day, and Jamie Oliver is continues to fight to end Childhood Obesity. He certainly knows how to dish up the tricks and techniques to get kids cooking healthy. He is showing the world how to create simple, healthy meals in his fight for healthy cooking, and has an army of volunteers behind this initiative. The Chef’s love of food and cooking goes back to when Oliver was a child, and his father owned a pub/restaurant. He then went on to star in BBC2’s Naked Chef in the late 90’s and has built an empire with TV shows, cookbooks, magazines, and even cookware. Oliver not only built an empire, he knows how to give back too. He has a foundation called the Fifteen Foundation which takes children and aspiring young chefs from backgrounds that can only be called challenging, and trains them to run one of four of his restaurants.

Jamie Oliver’s passion is not just cooking, but healthy cooking, and fighting to save today’s youth from the perils of processed foods and ending childhood obesity. Fast food chains are in the food business for the money and continue to contribute to the obesity problems world-wide, and certainly in the U.S. Oliver is at the forefront of such campaigns as the Food Revolution, and Jamie’s School Dinner and is serious about affecting change in both the individual, and at the government level to stamp out childhood obesity. His foundation works not only with kids, but families and businesses as well, teaching how to cook delicious food, in simple and easy to understand workshops. He is bringing his fresh food idea’s directly into the business world by showing employee’s simple recipes to help keep them focused and energized. Business owners are happy to have these techniques shown, as they gain a more healthy and productive employee. Oliver has a partnership with The California Endowment and they are reaching out to communities that are in the most need , and holding classes on board a truck through the Big Rig mobile classroom. His teaching and workshops are fun and factual and often straight forward, even if it might be considered ‘gross’. Oliver has a network of volunteers working to bring the revolution and its initiatives to the world, through the Food Revolution Day which plays out every year in May.

In the video below Oliver conducts an experiment with American children that he has done numerous times in the UK. Unfortunately it goes horribly wrong, showing that our children will pick processed foods even knowing what is in it,  because it looks like a chicken nugget. His  disappointment is very visual, as he tries to understand why this failed, when it has never failed before in all the times he has done it. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day is a day that everyone should sit up and take notice, and to help the fight to end childhood obesity. It is time to give the children the tools they can take with them through out life, and come out being healthier.

By Kristi Cereska
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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

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