Jennifer Lawrence Annoying Believe It or Not

Jennifer Lawrence Annoying Believe It or Not
Jennifer Lawrence, the girl-next-door, lovable goof, eternal GIF and honestly amusing award winning actress is annoying, believe it or not. At least that is what The Hunger Games star says. In her interview with Marie Claire, the 23 year-old performer tells the magazine that she finds herself very annoying.

Especially when she is attending a red carpet function. According to the American Hustle actress, when she arrives at these events, after a few drinks, she is “really hyper.” Lawrence also admits to being unable to resist photo bombing someone if the opportunity is too good to pass up.

Jennifer says she reminds herself to calm the “f*** down.” The actress claims that her picture is everywhere, just like her interviews. Lawrence doesn’t mention the YouTube videos in Marie Claire, but she did reveal that the idea of being an eternal GIF disturbs her.

Of course the reason behind the magazine layout and interview is the actress performing the standard film run-up publicity. With X-Men: Days of Future Past due to hit theatres on May 23 this year, she’s hitting the promotional trail. As Marie Claire points out, Ms. Lawrence comes across as the world’s BFF and with her penchant to opening up and saying just what she’s thinking, Jennifer is also the world’s breath of fresh air.

Jennifer Lawrence is annoying, at least that is what she believes whether her fans think so or not. Speaking of her role in the latest film in the X-Men franchise, the actress reveals that Mystique is much more focussed in this segment about the mutant superheroes. Before, the character was still “finding her way” and now has come into her own.

One subject that Lawrence “dances around” is her long term relationship with actor Nicholas Hoult. Also known as Beast in the X-Men verse, the two have been an item for three years now. According to the magazine, Hoult is the fourth, or maybe fifth they weren’t too sure, relationship that Lawrence has been in.

Interviewer Aaron Gell asks the actress what attracts her to the X-Men co-star. Her answer comes across as a typical Lawrence gaff. Part of her reply consists of the statement that looks go “pretty far.” She continues with the fact that most folks cannot deny a “beautiful face.” Jennifer adds, that fortunately for her, she “has one.”

Oops. Another Lawrence moment when she realizes that what just came out of her mouth is not what she meant. She quickly explains to Gell that she meant fortunately she had a boyfriend with a beautiful face. The actress goes on to explain that beauty is not the defining thing that she’s attracted to. She reveals that humor and intelligence are very important. Especially as looks fade.

The issue of “fading” seems to be on Jennifer Lawrence’s mind in this interview. The actress believes that her “annoying” presence in just about every type of media publication is too much. Believe it or not, she thinks her time in the limelight as the world’s BFF is coming to a close, or at least fading. The interview and pictures in Marie Claire are well worth reading and looking at, and not the least bit annoying.

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