Jennifer Lawrence Is Sexiest Woman in 2014 According to FHM

Jennifer Lawrence is Sexiest Woman in 2014 According to FHM
Jennifer Lawrence must be feeling pretty satisfied right now, after being named the sexiest woman in 2014, at least according to FHM, her “rival” Miley Cyrus did not even make the top 10. Ouch. Proof positive that “the girl next door” will always be sexier than the tramp in the street, or something along those lines.

In fact, the tongue flicking, sledgehammer licking, exhibitionist aka Miley Cyrus placed a humiliating number 79 in the list. Presumably the folks who voted on FHM’s annual list of the world’s sexiest women were old enough to not be turned on by the former Hannah Montana twerking her tiny buttocks on stage. Either that or they were more turned on by the Hunger Games star’s approachability, her down-to-earth mannerism and her unabashed honesty when dealing with the press, other stars and her fans.

The 23 year-old award winning actress also has the ability to keep her tongue in her mouth while appearing in public. It may have something to do with age and it might have to do with the fact that FHM does not appear to lean toward “women” who’ve just stepped out of their training bra’s as contestants. Unlike, MAXIM who had two young ladies in their top 10 list who were under 21 last year.

Looking at the winner for a moment, it’s easy to see why Jennifer Lawrence has been voted the sexiest woman in the world for 2014 by FHM. This popular guest show participant, YouTube fixation and gal who shows the world that she is who she is, consists of a brilliant combination of goofiness and sophistication along with a tiny bit of naivety that segways nicely into her genuine sense of self. In other words, the girl next door just went way past cute and became very sexy when compared with a “rival” who cannot wait to get her clothes off and get in your face at the drop of a hat.

Consider if you will, this comparison. At 21 years-old Cyrus has appeared in her videos wearing nothing but doc martens and a giant wrecking ball. On stage she wears so little that when she did not have time to change into her next outfit for her Bangerz concert she appeared instead in her underwear and no one noticed. In her last music video, she appeared to be masturbating on camera while wearing a see-through bra and little else. Lawrence has only just been photographed in a sophisticated number that allows a sneaky glance of side-boob with more left to the imagination than not.

There is an old joke that goes along the lines of not buying the cow when it can be milked through the fence. If that particular saying does not convey the idea properly, then perhaps calling a spade a spade will suffice. Acting trashy has never been sexy to anyone but inebriated, or high, male animals of a certain age. Teenagers may adore Miley Cyrus’ naughty behaviour, but they apparently did not vote in the FHM contest.

Leaving behind the tendency to kick Cyrus when she’s down, it might be more interesting to note that last year’s winner, Ashton Kutcher’s latest girl Mila Kunis, dropped a whole five places to come in at number six. Scarlett Johansson, who showed off almost every inch of her birthday suit in Under the Skin came in tenth place. Interestingly, a young British soap actress from that country’s long running television institution Coronation Street, one Michelle Keegan, came in at number two. She looks mighty fetching but again, like Scarlett and Jennifer she’s the wrong side of 21, she’s 26; so extreme youth doesn’t win out this year.

Regardless of the fact that Miley Cyrus was way down toward the bottom of FHM 100 Sexiest Women list of 2014, Jennifer Lawrence has won this latest competition between the two without saying a word. No doubt, the Twitter addicted Cyrus will find something to tweet about this latest indignation. Whether it will be a sophisticated post remains to be seen.

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