Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz Photo Bomb Spectacular [Video]

Jimmy FallonTonight show fans are always in for a treat, and with Jimmy Fallon and  Cameron Diaz teaming up to photo bomb tourists it just cannot get any more spectacular. Known for his antic’s since taking over the Tonight Show, he is at it again, bringing Diaz along for the ride. The result is hilarious, as seen in the video below. So now along with his skits like the history of rap with Justin Timberlake, or dancing through the evolution of the same music genre with Will Smith, Fallon can add another epic venture into the books. Celebrity photo bombing is going to catch on like wild-fire, and he is betting that other celebrities will definitely want in on this piece of funny business. His bit with John Hamm doing the same sillyness with tourists is good, but there is just something about the lovely Ms. Diaz that sets it apart.

At 41 years of age Diaz shows us all what it like to be a kid at heart, and her laughter is so infectious, which is what makes this video all the more funny. She has always been adventurous even as a kid when she left home at just 16. She travelled the world and then returned to California when she was 21. She started her career as a model, and during this time is when she auditioned for The Mask starring opposite Jim Carrey, and even though she had no previous experience she got the job. This launched her acting career, but instead of taking on high-profile roles she worked in independent films to hone her acting skills. It certainly worked, and paid off well, as she came back into the mainstream movie industry in a big way. In 1997 she returned to the big screen in My Best Friends Wedding, a huge box office success, followed by There’s Something about Mary which launched her into star status in her own right. She then became a hot commodity in Hollywood after that, and one of the most coveted actresses in films.

Showing her chops as a comedic actress made her a natural pairing for this most unconventional role with the ever popular Fallon. Many don’t see how he can top this one, much as his epic lip sync battle with Emma Stone. Surely he will have them lining up for this hilarious bit just as all of Hollywood just cannot resist being a part of his comedic genius, whatever that may be. So fans always have so much to look forward to when watching The Tonight Show, whether it is wine pong with Diane Keaton, or photo bombing with the spectacular Cameron Diaz, Jimmy Fallon is the hot spot for late night entertainment. This New York born comedian is not only taking television talk shows to a new level, he is cornering the market in social media also. His videos get more hits than most, with almost a half a million hits on this one alone, in just one day.

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