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Is Jon Jones not allowed a break from the UFC or what? The light heavyweight champion just cannot avoid the constant attention he receives from other fighters. Alexander Gustaffson cannot find a way to keep the champions name out of his mouth, or more-less his posts when checking in on Facebook or Twitter. Now Jon “Bones” Jones has president, Dana White, impatiently waiting on him to sign an extension, along with another contractual obligation to fight in August against the number one contender, Alexander Gustaffson. Jones already started off the new year with the dismantling of UFC light heavyweight, Glover Teixiera, at the end of April. Two more title defenses within the year would put the champion in territory only one other former light heavyweight champion has ever accomplished that man would be MMA icon, Chuck Liddell. Jon “Bones” Jones may not be as cozy with the UFC UFC MMA Spotlightbrass as Chuck Liddell was, but he could become undeniably more dominant in the same division then Liddell ever was during his reign in the organization.

This is not the first time the organization has butt heads with one of its pound for pound best fighters. Dana White on numerous occasions has place the blame of the UFC 151 cancellation on Jon’s shoulders. It has been the only card that has been cancelled under White’s tenure with the organization, and one he is not soon to forget. Besides the one history changing hiccup, Jones has been nothing but superb as champion. He currently hold the longest win streak in light heavyweight history at 11, and if not for his illegal elbows that got him disqualified against Matt Hamill, Jones would still be undefeated today. Not to mention that Jon also holds the record for the most title defenses in his division, and the third most overall in UFC history. His track record speaks for itself and should not be questioned whether or not he would possibly avoid a fight. Alexander Gustaffson did give the champ probably his stiffest test to date when they met up in September, Even so, it is very doubtful the champ would avoid anyone after fighting the best of the best for countless years.

Maybe it is possible that Jones holds himself in a higher standard, financially wise, then Dana White and company do. Quite frankly, Jones would just like to take a brief break from the limelight and spend time with his family. Not too many champions defend their titles three times a year, the sport of fighting is a lot more grueling then many seem to believe. At the end of the day though, Dana White will see his champion in the cage sometime before the New Year. It is very debatable whether or not he will be willing to defend it more then once if he were to defend the title. Jones is less then two months away from being 27, it would be ideal to lock down a marque fighter in his prime. Contractual disagreements or not, It would be in the best interest of both parties to hash out their differences and get one of the UFC pound for pound best back inside the octagon.

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