Justin Bieber Betrays Selena Gomez With Both Jenner Sisters

Justin BieberSelena Gomez has been betrayed by Justin Bieber with not just one of the Jenner sisters but both of them, according to recent reports. The Wizards of Waverly Place actress found text messages and sexy photos from Kendall and Kylie Jenner, causing her to split up with her two new best friends and her boyfriend.

It was bound to happen, and the singer’s friends are likely extremely happy that he messed up. They never wanted to see Gomez back with the Canadian anyway, and were waiting for him to do something wrong. He certainly did that, although he is definitely not the only one to blame. The two Jenners should have known better. However, the 22-year-old is blaming her boyfriend for everything. He could have chosen to ignore the girls.

Sources close to the singer and actress explain that the two Jenner sisters were not the only reason she decided it was time to end the toxic relationship. There were many other photos and text that prove her boyfriend is not 100 percent committed. There have also been plenty of rumors circulating that Bieber has been less than completely faithful during their short reconciliation.

When she decided to get back with the Boyfriend singer at the start of March, she made it very clear that it was a last chance. It seems like the ring she was wearing on her wedding finger was a promise that the 20-year-old Canadian could not keep. Bieber betraying Gomez with both Jenner sisters has been the final straw, and the Come and Get It singer states he is getting no more chances.

She is also hurt by the actions of her so called new best friends, especially Kylie. It seems like the two just wanted to get in close to Gomez so they could work their way into Bieber’s life, and if that was the case they managed it. At the moment, there are no details of the whole truth and if it went further than the photos and texts, but that is enough to bring the relationships all around crashing down.

There are mixed feelings for the star. While many fans feel sorry for the way she has been treated, others wonder whether she is partially to blame. Surely this was something she could see coming. Bieber and Gomez’s relationship has been toxic from the beginning, and he has a history of going between girls quickly. Did she really expect him to remain faithful this time?

There have been warning signs this whole time. The 20-year-old allegedly believed that his 22-year-old girlfriend was high maintenance, while she knew that he was highly interested in sex. She already feared that her knowledge of his sexual behavior would cause an end to their relationship. At least now she does not have to worry about how her words affect their relationship when she has to testify against him.

It is a shame though. Many fans wanted to see the two work things out. However, friends and family members close to the former Disney star are happy. They can help Gomez move on after being betrayed by Bieber with both Jenner sisters.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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