Kelly Clarkson Almost Ready to Debut Daughter UPDATE

Kelly Clarkson Almost Ready to Debut Daughter

Kelly Clarkson is more than ready to give birth. After many months of extreme sickness and a more than normal weight gain, the singer has endured a difficult pregnancy from day one. Excited to be a mom, Clarkson has still suffered a rough pregnancy and is ready to debut her new daughter any day now. The clock is ticking, as fans and followers await the blessed news.

Clarkson has done what it takes to make it and is reaping the benefits of her success. Gaining notoriety in 2002 as the first American Idol winner, she has gone on to record several albums, toured the countryside with her robust soprano voice and has won numerous awards. Beginning with her debut song, A Moment Like This, Clarkson quickly captured the hearts of America with her down home spirit and determined drive. She won two Grammy awards for the song.

Almost going into marine biology, Clarkson’s strong voice was heralded and developed. The gal from Fort Worth, Texas has a special talent to offer the world. She jumped at the chance to get her name out, but it took hard work at many odd jobs to even save enough money for a demo. Her patience and perseverance paid off when millions voted for her on American Idol and she became an overnight success.

Doing her own thing and enjoying recognition, Clarkson’s private life soon became public. Her ups and downs with weight issues were criticized and her love life was always in question. Along the way, she met Brandon Blackstock, the son of her manager Narvel Blackstock. He is also a talent manager with many big names including Blake Shelton. Clarkson was infatuated with Blackstock at first, but when he became single after a divorce, the cards were in her favor.

Kelly Clarkson Almost Ready to Debut DaughterClarkson and Blackstock became an item and were married on October 20,2013. Ditching plans for a huge wedding, the couple opted for an intimate ceremony with just family and close friends. Guests included Reba McIntire, wife of Narvel and Brandon’s step-mom. Also joining the festivities were Brandon’s two children with Melissa Ashworth, Savannah, age 12 and Seth, age 8.

Clarkson had a ready made family and also gained the approval from Ashworth. Clarkson and Blackstock wasted no time in adding to the mix, as they announced their own little one in the oven, in late November. Clarkson immediately felt the effects of the pregnancy, but was able to complete and promote her Christmas Album, Wrapped In Red.

Since the holidays, Clarkson has made few public appearances, except for announcing that she and Blackstock were expecting a girl in June. She has remained out of the limelight, mostly due to experiencing round the clock sickness and extra weight gain. Various rumors added stress to a most difficult pregnancy, but Clarkson is reported to be doing well and ready to deliver her baby at any time.

Just taking care of herself and preparing for the new arrival, the nursery in underway and the baby registry is completed. Preferring to rest and nest is a very good sign that Clarkson will be an excellent mother. Her mother-in-law and fellow singer, Reba, is super excited to become a grandmother, as well.

Clarkson has grown up and has become stronger with each new milestone. As her own lyrics illustrate, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, she has endured a long pregnancy with the awaited reward to blossom soon. The projected due date is June 18, but as Kelly Clarkson is usually one step ahead of the game, she is almost ready to debut her daughter in the very near future.

UPDATE:  Kelly Clarkson and her husband Brandon Blackstock are very happy to announce the arrival of their new daughter. The baby girl was born on June 12 and the couple has named her River Rose.

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