Kim Kardashian Ex Ray J Arrested

Kim KardashianThe ex of Kim Kardashian, rapper Ray J, has been arrested Friday night at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The singer who was involved with the infamous sex tape of then girlfriend, Kim Kardashian has been arrested for allegedly touching a woman’s behind inappropriately.

The police arrived and spoke with the woman in question and the rapper and it was determined that it was not a case of sexual battery. The result was simply that Ray J was asked to leave the hotel. The situation would have died and disappeared at that point had the 33-year-old just complied to the request of the officers on the scene. However, as Ray J reached the valet area everything went out of control. Suddenly the singer began to act out, refusing to be kicked off the premises and was acting aggressively.

The officers then started to take the rapper into custody. The brother of actress and singer, Brandy then allegedly spat in a policeman’s face and, according to TMZ, even kicked out the back window of the police car.

Ray J has had altercations with the police before. Most famously back in 2013 after the death of Whitney Houston. Reported by TMZ the rapper who was romantically involved with Houston in the months prior to the Diva’s death, was said to have gone crazy on the police who were at the scene. While Ray J stood outside of the suite where Houston’s body lay, the police were inside with the paramedics when Ray J heard a “disrespectful comment” concerning Houston which was then followed by laughter. The rapper tried to get inside the suite but was restrained. Following hearing more laughter, the singer got so enraged he tried to burst into the suite again and this time he was moved off the floor completely. Not without verbally attacking the officers in the room.

Digging deeper into the story, TMZ reported that a policeman from Beverly Hills did, indeed file a complaint with the California Labor Dept. The complaint was that the cop’s sergeant exposed Houston’s naked body by lifting the sheet that covered it and then said, “Damn, she’s still looking good, huh?” However, law enforcement deny that any of this actually took place and denied that any complaint was ever issued.

However, the ex of Kim Kardashian, Ray J, is not only in the news for getting arrested. The I Hit It First singer has also been in the news recently for the rappers very bad taste of a wedding present for newlyweds, Kim and Kanye. The rapper had stated himself that he was going to give $47,000 to the new couple. One would think that such a gesture would be kind until the singer said that the money was coming from some of the profits of the famed sex tape the rapper and Kardashian had filmed. Ray J also said that if Kim Kardashian or Kanye West do not want to accept the gift, the singer said he would donate the amount to charity.

The arrest of rapper Ray J comes less than a week after the highly covered wedding of his ex, Kim Kardashian to Kanye West. Some speculate that Ray J still cannot seem to let go of his feelings for Kardashian. First with the release of his song I Hit It First, to the very inappropriate wedding gift gesture to now being arrested for battery on a police officer, vandalism, resisting arrest and trespassing. This has many fans wondering if the rapper simply could not hold his jealous rage any longer. Either way, the rapper has time now to cool down.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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