Kim Kardashian: Joan Rivers Will Not be Invited to Wedding?

Kim Kardashian: Joan Rivers Will Not be Invited to Wedding?
The big Kim Kardashian news is that she and her beloved Kanye West are to be wed in Versailles, but it looks like Joan Rivers will not be invited to the wedding. The 80 year-old television presenter and comic seems to have hit a nerve or two with Kardashian taking offense to some of the aged Rivers’ remarks. Joan has always been a bit harsh with her humor and her signature caustic remarks are meant to be taken with a grain of salt.

Now however, the comedienne has picked on the wrong celebrity. Apparently Rivers made a remark about baby North that talked about how ugly the baby is. The 33 year-old mother of North was not amused and to add insult upon injury the comic went on to say that the Kimye offspring was badly in need of “a wax.”

Joan Rivers’ type of comedic approach has been similar to Don Rickles in that she made fun of celebrities. However, in this instance Joan has crossed the boundaries of good taste and, for lack of a better term, insulted Kim’s baby. Not too surprisingly Kardashian was not overly pleased at the “attack” especially since Rivers has poked fun at Kim and her family quite a lot.

Granted, there are some things about the Kardashians, as well as Kanye West, that just scream to be made fun of. The ongoing rumor about Kim injecting her butt with fat siphoned off of her thighs could provide enough joke material to keep several comics busy. Of course that same fat is said to have been used to augment her breasts so there are at least two areas of Kim’s that can provide a lot of comedic material. There is no need to pick on the baby.

Certainly Kim Kardashian has not been a fan of Joan Rivers for some time now, even before the baby North comments, so it’s probably fait accompli that the host will not be invited to the wedding. Since Kim, and Khloe, were adamant that Joan be moved from the seat next to them at the NBC upfronts on May 15, it’s abundantly clear that neither Kardashian gal wants to interact with Rivers.

Kim Kardashian: Joan Rivers Will Not be Invited to Wedding?
Tonight Show premiere publicity photo. Kim’s not happy…

Apparently Kim bumped into the Fashion Police host on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, premiere and while the reality television star agreed to stand next to Joan in a publicity photo, it is plain to see that Kim was not happy about it. While Rivers leans forward and smiles for the camera, Kim stands slightly askew, away from the host, with no trace of a smile on her face. It should also be pointed out that Kardashian is the only participant in the photo who does not have her arm around both celebs to either side of her.

What is even more interesting about the NBC “shuffle,” or musical seats, is that organizers had problems re-seating Rivers. Apparently there were a few other folks at the upfronts that did not want to be near Joan. So while there may not be a wedding invitation from Kim Kardashian wending its way toward the aging comic, it also appears that not many other social events will be including the baby dissing female either.

By Michael Smith


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