Kim Kardashian Wedding Day Countdown


Let the countdown begin to Kim Kardashian’s third wedding. It is being reported that Kardashian and Kanye West have already got their wedding certificate and they will marry in a private civil ceremony later this week. The small ceremony is expected to take place at Kris Jenner’s California home and this ceremony will take care of the legal requirements, before the couples real wedding in Paris.

The Paris wedding is reported to be happening in only 23 days. The couple is inviting 200 of their closest friends and family to attend the ultra exclusive nuptials. It is rumored that even the guests will not know exactly when the wedding is happening because the rapper and the reality star are scared of details being leaked to the media.

Kardashian has reportedly chosen an elite fashion designer to design her wedding dress. The reality star will again wear multiple gowns during the big day; however, Victoria Beckham will not be one of the designers. Rumor has it that the reality star asked the former Spice girl to create a wedding gown for the big day, however, Beckham was too busy and passed on the opportunity. Sources say that Beckham was not interested in creating a wedding gown for the reality star when she dresses much more important people, even royalty, on a regular basis.

Not only are fans counting down until the wedding day, but Kim Kardashian seems to be busy planning as well. The reality star just spent two days in Paris making sure every detail was perfect. The reality star even wore the same denim shirt twice, something she never does, so maybe the star is also stressed about the upcoming day.

Reports speculated that Kardashian flew into Paris because she was having her final wedding dress fitting. A source says that Kardashian wants to make sure the dress fits her shape perfectly, and she is committed to flying back and forth to make sure every detail is right. The reality star has also settled on a color scheme for the bridesmaid’s dresses and already ordered them.

Due to strict French regulations, any couple that intends to be married in France must reside in the country for 40 days before they can have a wedding ceremony. Reports are confirming that Kardashian and West will be married in only 23 days, but neither is residing in Paris consistently just yet. Both West and Kardashian are expected to attend the annual Met Gala in New York on Monday. Perhaps the couple is waiting until then to travel to Paris for the wedding.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will undoubtedly have the whole world counting down with them to their upcoming wedding. While fans will be anxiously anticipating the lavish event, and watching to see who the designers and the guest are, others will be just happy the event will be over. Kardashian has also chosen to have this wedding filmed, so fans will get to watch the reality star walk down the aisle once again.

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