Kimbra and Janelle Monae Postpone Tour

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Kimbra put on a performance in Melbourne earlier this week as Janelle Monae, who is struck with an undisclosed illness, postponed further legs of the tour. Headlining The Golden Electric Tour together, the pair was supposed to tour Australia and New Zealand as a part of the schedule. The undisclosed sickness affecting Monae saw Kimbra rocking it out alone, and has cast doubts as to whether the show will be postponed at the Vector Arena in Auckland this week.

Monae failed to appear at the first two shows, unable to perform citing an undisclosed illness. The Grammy-winner who was supposed to headline the tour was not able to perform on Saturday night, leaving Kimbra on her own. It is reported that the duo have cancelled the Sydney leg of their tour due to Monae’s treatment in Melbourne. Doctors have strongly advised Monae against performing onstage which may affect the tour’s schedule in New Zealand.

Kimbra, from Hamilton, New Zealand, is best known for her contribution to Gotye’s Somebody  That I Used To Know, a track that won the collaborators a Grammy at the 55th installment of the prestigious awards, while Monae earned her share of popularity after collaborating with Fun. on their chart-topping single We Are Young. The New Zealand-born singer was excited when she announced last month that The Golden Electric Tour would be headlined by an unlikely collaborator, Monae. The excited duo had praise for each other as they described how they met in Los Angeles and discussed their mutual love of Prince.

While there is no news yet on the show scheduled in Auckland on May 24, the duo are due to play in Brisbane on Thursday this week. As Kimbra performed her set in Melbourne she left no sign that she was aware of Monae’s absence. Excited about teaming up with Monae, she performed 30 minutes of her set at the Forum Theater and waited as Monae was supposed to take the stage at 9:45 p.m. At about 10:15 p.m., an announcement from a member of Monae’s team brought it to her attention. Monae’s performance was cancelled just minutes before she was to take the stage on the advice of a doctor on site. Kimbra took it stride and continued with the show, performing three new songs, original material from her yet-to-be released album. Live Nation posted information on social media for disappointed fans providing alternatives. A refund or a reallocation of Monae’s only other show in Melbourne on May 26 at The Plenary were offered to make up for shows Monae missed due to ill-health. This is bad news as Monae has missed the two shows she planned in Melbourne, as this is her first visit to Australia and New Zealand. The duo has yet to confirm if the shows in New Zealand are postponed or not.

Kimbra meanwhile took to Twitter to express her concern for Monae, tweeting that she dedicated the show that evening to the American songstress. Inviting the fans back to The Plenary on May 26, she urged them to lift up their thoughts and prayers for Monae as she recuperates. While Kimbra apologized to fans, Monae is yet to release an official statement about postponing the tour.

By Rathan Paul Harshavardan.

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