Kimye: The Family Feud


On May 24, 2014 rapper Kanye West and Kim Kardashian finally tied the knot! The highly anticipated wedding was held in Florence, France, but could the lavish celebrity wedding have sparked family feuds? It is more than obvious that Kim’s brother, Rob Kardashian, did not approve of giving his sister away to Kanye West. According to, that wasn’t particularly the case. Rob Kardashian, 27, has been struggling with weight gain and was too embarrassed to participate in any family photos. also claims that Kanye was happy about it. He did not need anyone ruining Kim’s special day. Kimye seem to be more than happy together in spite of family feuds.

Rob was not the only one who decided to skip out on the fairy-tale like wedding. Kanye West’s closest friend, Jay-Z along with wife Beyonce decided to skip the Florence wedding as well. Kimye’s wedding might have sparked a family feud but did it spark a feud between the two buddies too? Kanye and Jay-Z have been very close over the years but Kanye was not upset says Kanye has finally joined matrimony with his soulmate and nothing will keep him from being happy, not even his friends! reveals the true reason to why Jay-Z and beloved wife Beyonce did not attend this classical event. Earlier this month, the rappers sister-in-law attacked him in an elevator after the Met Gala in New York City. It was stated that she was very upset at how close Jay-Z and Rachel Roy, Dame Dash’s ex wife have become. Solange reportedly yelled at Roy during the event as well. This particular altercation stemmed to the May 24 wedding, resulting in Beyonce and Jay-Z’s absence. Rachel Roy is Kim Kardashian’s best friend, so of course she was invited to the wedding.

Beyonce and Jay-Z avoided all drama by avoiding the wedding all together. Kimye’s wedding seems to be the stem of the family feuding, hopefully after this month, everyone will return to normal!

In spite of Kimye’s family fued and drama, the two seem to be enjoying their marriage thus far. reports that Kim and Kanye spent their honeymoon in Ireland. The nation probably expected these two to spend time away on an island in a very expensive hotel, but these two kept it quite simple. The newly weds were spotted leaving not one but two cinemas in the same day on the third day of their honeymoon.

Although Kimye’s wedding sparked a little controversy and family feuding, the couple seems to be handling the pressure exceptionally well. Kanye, known for his inadequate commentary and forward behavior is a lot calmer these days. Fans are happy to see the rapper’s more sensitive side. Kim took on the artists’ last name, placing it on her social media pages. The wedding photo received a whopping 1.93 million likes on instagram, breaking an instagram record. Surely Kimye expected controversy along with a wedding so beautiful. The couple expresses happiness to its fullest degree. Congratulations Kimye!

Opinion by Erica Sandifer


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