Kylie Minogue Releases ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’ Video



Kylie Minogue just released the official video for her latest single, I Was Gonna Cancel off her latest album Kiss Me Once. The pop star who is a judge on The Voice U.K. took time off her busy schedule to film the official video for the single in Melbourne, where she was on a promotional blitz last week. Kylie recorded the track with Pharrell, and said she wrote it after she burst into tears about an awful day she had earlier.

The Aussie pop starlet delivers pedestrian chic in I Was Gonna Cancel, and has most of the fans debating whether this is her dullest video ever or if she is going back to the golden days of the 80s to remind us who she truly is. If fans compare this video to Sexercize, her previous single, they will guess why the debate arose.

Known for her fashionable videos, even back in the 80s, Kylie’s is dressed in high-waisted jeans and a cream blouse. This look is a far cry from the screen scorching, Sexercize. Her troupe of back-up dancers are dressed up in 80s Australian mall culture-based outfits that look fierce. After seeing Kylie in simple plain clothes and light makeup for about 3:41 minutes, it is clear that there is something precious about the video. From 80s fashion to the pedestrian scene, and the beige look to the concrete street, all add to the simple charm of the video itself, without taking away from her vague movements. The choreography is surprisingly lazy with Kylie standing amidst human traffic, serving a deadpan face and vague movements. While the video does capture Kylie’s mind, the unsurprisingly simple video features odd hand movements and only has an airplane that pops up at a random moment, but it was perhaps added to take away from the monotony of the overall video.

In 2013, after parting ways with manager, Terry Blamey, Kylie went on record tracks that indicated she was looking for a change. This came as a surprise to Blamey who managed her career from the beginning. On the heels of this career move, Jay Z lapped up the Aussie starlet and signed her to Roc Nation and a management deal. It is no surprise that the Roc Nation team took the rather dull approach for a lively track like I Was Gonna Cancel. A rousing track like that with its catchy disco feel, backed by Pharrell’s production will need to take a different turn. The video takes its viewers by surprise and questions Kylie on what her flow of thought was with the video. This is perhaps why, Kylie chose to release the video for I Was Gonna Cancel, in a rather sluggish mode, to mimic the performance that was panned as dull at Australia’s Logie Awards, in Melbourne last month.

If you are a fan of Kylie and love her new work, check out the official video for I Was Gonna Cancel below and wait for September to see the fantastic Aussie star perform live, as she tours the world in support of her latest album Kiss Me Once.

Opinion by Rathan Paul Harshavardan

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