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Lady Gaga Receives Digital Diamond Award


Lady GagaThe irrepressible Lady Gaga has received the Digital Diamond Award from the Recording Industry Association of America, (RIAA) for her single Bad Romance. The RIAA has called this an iconic moment as Gaga is the first woman in the history of the Gold and Platinum program, to pass the 10,000,000 mark with a digital song. She has been on Twitter all morning thanking her ‘little monsters’. She is on tour with the ArtPop Ball right now, with upcoming dates in Detroit and Cleveland. The ArtPop ball celebrates music, fashion, dance and parties in a way that only Lady Gaga can bring to a concert.

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Viewing the website for her fans it is easy to see how much her followers adore her, and she gives back by raising awareness and standing up against bullying. Gaga has started #PromoteLoveandKindness, with a page dedicated to the sharing of stories and to give support to those that are bullied. This page continues to gain in popularity and has been trending with #SpreadLoveandKindness on Twitter. Reading these stories of love and courage are ultimately uplifting, and it is refreshing to see an open forum for people to deal with the harsh reality of being bullied. Love her or hate her, this forum for the victims of bullies has brought empowerment and peace to many, and awareness worldwide. Receiving the Digital Diamond Award for Bad Romance, Lady Gaga gives back once again by thanking publicly those that made the award possible, her ‘little monsters’. The ArtPop ball is really bringing out the inner monster in her fans, and her concerts are flooded with crazy and inventive costumes (right) that are bringing her fans together in their individuality. The pop icon has never made any bones about being different, and encourages her fans to embrace who they are, and be tolerant of those that are different from them.

Lady GagaThe ArtPop ball celebrating music, fashion, dance and parties has brought out some amazing talent from her fans. Some of the art is obviously done by very talented people and features some impressive and gorgeous paintings. (left) Some are getting creative through cartoon images of Gaga and there are even cartoons of dogs dressed as the singer. One fan even took his drawing and turned it into a tee-shirt for himself to wear at her concert, the ArtPop ball. Bringing out the talent and individuality of her followers seems to be an endless talent of the ever popular Miss Gaga. The art page is filled with literal art in the form of drawings and paintings and then it gets more extreme with full wall collages featuring  pictures of Gaga. There is a wall of records painted gold in her honor, and body art geared specifically towards this tour. Lady Gaga is fortunate to have so many devoted fans, and that devotion is what made it possible for her to receive the prestigious Digital Diamond Award. Ever the giver, she immediatley took time out of her schedule and  went on social media to announce the award and thank her fans.

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