Land Reform Without Compensation a Priority for Julius Malema

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Julius Malema

Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said land reform without compensation is a top priority, and he will not disappoint his people. After the final election results, the EFF secured over six percent in the national election. This will result in 25 of his MPs having a seat in Parliament. The local elections have shown some support in all the provinces and Limpopo and Mpumalanga remain the EFF’s strongest support structure.

Speaking at the IEC National Results Center in Pretoria, Malema said he was happy and although they did not have the capacity or the means to celebrate, he was humbled by the support his party had received. He emphasized the importance of delivering on the EFF promises to the people and will immediately implement plans to proceed on his commitment.

The EFF was formed eight months ago, and the strength gained over this short period of time, is an indication of people wanting change. With over a million votes received in the national election, Malema plans to continue working at ground level among the people and strive to make a difference.

Malema said the African National Congress (ANC) did not receive a two-thirds majority win in the election and could not change the current constitution. His party, the EFF will support the ANC and vote for a change the constitution. This he said must be done to implement radical policies such as land reform without compensation.

Malema said he his party would support the Democratic Alliance (DA), the official opposition party on a vote of no confidence to remove President Jacob Zuma. The main purpose of their voice in parliament will be for the sake of his people, and he will never compromise on his promise to deliver.

Commenting on the elections, Malema said there were serious problems, but that they were not significant enough to affect the free and fair transparency of the polls. A happy Malema said everybody was a winner. Commenting on the unhappy people starting riots and causing chaos, Julius Malema said they must accept the final outcome of the election.

The issue of land reform without compensation has elicited comments on the part of those who believe Malema’s attempt to change the constitution in order to achieve his plan is madness. The ANC received a little over 62 percent and with the EFF’s six percent will provide the right to change the structure. The whole process could take months to finalize, and the DA will, in all probability, mightily challenge this action.

The expropriation of land in South Africa according to Malema is to take away white-owned land and give it to blacks. The whole land reform process is in a complete mess relating to previous expropriation claims. The government does not know exactly how much land is owned by the state or white people. A 2012 land survey revealed there was more land owned by government than actually stated. The 41 percent of land given to homelands in the apartheid era was not included in the government calculation.

Land reform without compensation remains a priority for Julius Malema and his EFF party. Julius Malema has promised to wear his red overalls to parliament and tackle the promises he committed his party to. He will not disappoint his people.

By Laura Oneale

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