LG To Release G3 In Major Cities


LG are rumored to release the G3 in major cities which will cause a ripple and rival Samsung’s Galaxy 5.  The LG company is going global with their release which will happen over the course of two days starting May 27 in cities such as San Francisco, New York, London, Seoul, Istanbul, and Singapore. The other phones were not given this much attention so this is rumored to be the biggest release yet.

If LG are going to compete with Samsung they are going to have to use an innovative strategy. The new LG phone is rumored to have certain features that will make their competitors jaw drop. HTC and Samsung will not know what hit them when the makers of the widely appreciated Nexus phones release their new LG G3 phone. The new phone is supposed to have a bigger display as well as higher-definition. This leaves the competitor of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the dust by far. However, Samsung is working on other devices behind the scenes. They are making mini versions of their current S5 phone and a prime version as well.

There are some leaked photos of what the new phone will look like and what features it will have including higher definition of up to four times the normal 720 pixels. Quad HD is what it is called because of its four times the normal amount of pixels. The screen itself is rumored to increase from 5.2 – 5.5 inches.  The LG G3 is also rumored to feature a better camera and a fingerprint scanner like their rivals Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone S5.

It gets competitive when Samsung introduces their highly innovative S5 Prime phone which will have an improved camera with optical image stabilization and Quad HD functioning. The Korea Herald also said that this phone will be limited edition because of its High Definition screen, which is very expensive to keep producing.

Those who are thinking of purchasing the Samsung phone may want to consider its high price and limited quantity. If these attributes do not put off the customer, then LG might be dealing with a serious contender. They may want to launch their G3 phone at a different time if the rumors are true. However, being a fan of LG, I would say LG has nothing to fear. Samsung is a major competitor, but LG has proven itself over a course of time with taking on the Nexus line and having immense success with those phones. I would say that if you want to spend your money wisely, purchase with LG. They are a fierce competitor, more so now than they have been before.  However, the detail which makes me reconsider Samsung is the use of the Exynos chip for the Samsung S5 and the included Intel processor.

Despite what Samsung has to offer, consider LG. LG is offering innovative features including a High Definition camera with optical image stabilization, a wider screen of up to 3 centimeters than the previous models, a fingerprint scanner! After considering all this, the G3 will be a limited time offer since it has high-definition capabilities which are extremely expensive. Consider these factors when buying and know that LG will be releasing the G3 phones in major cities soon!

Commentary by Anah Ayala

International Business Times
PC Advisor

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