Lorde Lashes Out at Stalker

lordeAt just 17 years old, superstar singer and song writer Lorde, is lashing out at a paparazzi stalker and she seems to have more sense than stars that are twice her age. Using social media to target this invasive form of photographing the rich and famous, she tweets that this level of invasion of privacy is not acceptable. Having this man (see picture below) stalking someone for a photo could definitely be a little scary for someone as young as Lorde. Of course it would be scary for anyone for that matter, to constantly have someone popping up everywhere. She even explains that she is aware that this type of media comes with the job, however she states that she will not be complacent about it and allow these men to intimidate and scare her. She goes on to call out Simon Runting by name and has posted a link to his Facebook page, and she is determined to change the standard of acceptable behavior towards women specifically, and everyone in general when it comes to the paparazzi.

lordes His Facebook page does not seem very active at the moment, as he is most likely in hiding, much like his profile photo. It seems he also took candid photos of Rihanna while she was in New Zealand, and the pop icon compared him to the Nazis during her visit. Many have taken on the paparazzi to no avail, but Lorde is taking it a step further by using social media to highlight what Runting is doing, and judging by her fan base they will probably not take this lightly. She will have millions of fans on her side and backing her up on these charges of stalking. Runting has made an enemy and will probably need to lay low for a while, so that this will die down, any photographer should know that popular or not, she is still just a teenager. It must be scary and she tweeted as much on Saturday, and  any 17-year-old would be afraid of a man constantly following her around. He looks old enough to know better, and he may have just met his match. The power of social media should not be underestimated, it can make a person and it can break a person.

Lorde was just 13 when she signed with Universal, and adopted her now famous name due to her fascination with aristocracy. Her first single Royals gave her a one way ticket to stardom as it raced up the charts in New Zealand in 2012, as well as on the U.S. charts in 2013. So even at the tender age of 17, she has some experience with being in the public’s eye and is determined to force the paparazzi to hold to higher standards. Many people who are targets of these types of photographers will certainly agree with her, and hopefully will root her on from the sidelines at the very least.

Lorde’s work has brought her many awards in the U.S. and in New Zealand, including being celebrated as an outstanding songwriter in pop music in 2013. She also won song of the year in 2014 along with best solo performance. With this type of work ethic, it is a safe bet that she will prevail in this attempt to instill basic morals and rules within the paparazzi society. Lorde may be feeling like a stalking victim, however she is handling it like an adult by lashing out with words, and with a good head on her shoulders.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska
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