Mass Shooting Near University of California, Santa Barbara [Video Back Up and Update]

Mass Shooting Near University of California, Santa Barbara [Video But Unknown For How Long]
It has been reported on Friday night that seven individuals, including the suspect, were all killed in a shooting close to the University of California, Santa Barbara  and a YouTube video might be connected with it. There were also seven other people that were wounded in the neighborhood of Isla Vista around 9:30 p.m. Friday evening, stated Bill Brown who is the Santa Barbara County Sheriff. He added that the shooting was planned.

Sheriff Brown declared that it was obviously the work of a madman. He said that it was just disastrous that such events had to occur. A student spoke to the media as well and said that he saw shots being fired from a BMW, fatally striking one woman and also critically wounding another female.

The male student explained that he also heard the shots and then screaming. He added that he hoped the woman he saw hit that lived was going to be okay.

The suspect ended up crashing his vehicle after he was involved in a shootout with Santa Barbara County deputies, Brown explained. The suspect was later discovered dead inside his wrecked car with a gunshot wound to the head. However, it is unclear at the present time if the fatal wound came from police or if he inflicted the shot on himself. Police also found a semiautomatic handgun inside the suspect’s car.

Sheriff Brown stated that it is believed a YouTube video entitled Elliot Rodger’s Retribution looked as if to be connected to the mass murder. In it, a young man, who calls himself Elliot Rodger, sits in the driver’s seat of an automobile and promises “retribution” and deliberates  about his rejection unfulfilled desires and loneliness. He talks about how girls would give sex, affection and love to other guys but not to him. He also stated it would be his last video.

It is below if anyone wants to view it. It is unknown how long this video will be allowed to stay on YouTube. It is unnervering to watch knowing this could be the killer but that has not been proven as of yet.

It is now being reported by the national media that one of assistant directors for the Hunger Games movie series, a man by the name of Peter Rodger, has stepped forward to say he thinks Elliot is actually his very own son. If so, this will create an even bigger media circus than what is going on right now. Sheriff Brown admits the police are looking to the extremely creepy video as evidence and that they believe it is linked to the crime.

As of this time the identities of the victims’ had not been released. Brown explained that all of the injured were undergoing treatment for their various gunshot and other traumatic wounds. This includes at least one other individual who had to undergo emergency surgery due to injuries that were life-threatening.

Isla Vista is about a half square mile community that is located next to UC Santa Barbara’s campus. It has beautiful cliffs next to the beach and is home to almost 23,000 individuals. The region has a reputation for extreme partying. Just last month, a yearly spring bash ascended into violence as young people argued with the police and ended up throwing bottles and rocks. A UC Santa Barbara police officer and four deputies were hurt in the incident and nearly 135 people ended up being arrested.

Repeating: it has been reported that seven individuals, including the suspect, were all killed in a shooting close to the University of California, Santa Barbara last night.

By Kimberly Ruble


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