Michael Jace Shocked Neighbors With Wife Shooting

Michael Jace

Michael Jace reportedly shocked his neighbors with the shooting of his wife. Many believed the two were happy and often saw them acting lovingly with each other. It seems like most of the negative feelings were left for behind closed doors. It is certainly clear that the Shield actor has a history of violence.

Almost two decades ago, Jace was reportedly involved in domestic violence with his then wife Jennifer Bitterman. During their divorce, she brought up the allegations that he threatened to kill her if she did not agree to the visitation rights he wanted with his son. She gave the court the view that he was unreliable, temperamental and extremely dangerous.

She was not the only person to speak out about the 51-year-old actor in this way. Her long-time friend talked about incidents between the two that she witnessed. She spoke about Jace slamming Bitterman against a wall while their six-month-old screamed from his crib, and that he would hit and choke his ex-wife.

However, this was nothing like the picture that his Hyde Park neighbors painted, and they would have probably heard something had there been fighting and violence happening behind the walls. Shirley Harding, a neighbor of 12 years, spoke about how all she would hear were giggles from the house. She was extremely shocked to hear about Jace shooting his wife, along with many other neighbors in the area. They seem especially surprised to find out the police believe the shooting was part of a domestic violence case.

So far, the former Forrest Gump actor has been open about some of the details. He admitted to shooting his wife multiple times, and explained that she walked in the house about 15 minutes before that after picking up their sons from their basketball practice. He has since called his lawyer, and will make an appearance at court on Thursday.

Many now want to understand just how it could happen. It is very difficult to jump straight to domestic violence when looking into the record at the house and of the actor. He has no criminal record and police have not been previously called to the house. That certainly does not mean there was an issue, but it seems very strange.

There does seem to be evidence of financial stress. Jace had previously filed for bankruptcy, and was currently behind on his mortgage payments. The stress from possibly losing his home could have led to this incident. The bankruptcy case is also still open, which would had added more financial pressure on the household.

It is a sad day when something like this happens, especially considering two young boys are involved. The two children under 10 were not harmed and may not have witnessed the events, but they would have heard the gunshots. They were likely very scared, and now know that their father killed their mother. They are currently with other family members while a more permanent decision is made.

Many people have been surprised at the incident. In fact, many neighbors were shocked to hear about Jace shooting his wife as there has never been an issue within the family in public.

By Alexandria Ingham


Los Angeles Times


Los Angeles Times

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