Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Part of New Push in Hardware

Microsoft Surface Pro

Earlier this evening, new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gave a speech in which he detailed how the company was moving into a new stage of pushing its own hardware, of which the Surface Pro 3 is a part of.  As people move away from having just one digital device, it is important for Microsoft to have a share in that market, instead of just developing software for others.

Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia signaled such a change in strategy.  The company was known for licensing its software.  The Nokia purchase allows it to push its cloud based systems in a way that just selling the license for software couldn’t.  Nadella says that he wants the hardware to open new avenues for the things Microsoft can do.  Along with the Nokia devices, Nadella wants Microsoft’s products to be available across formats.  For example, the iPad had the newest version of Microsoft Office before its own devices did.

Nadella believes that limiting Microsoft products to one device cuts the company off from important revenue streams.  He sees the world as post-PC, and thinks that Microsoft has to give its users access to all the services and products it needs.  Just because Microsoft is willing to work across platforms does not mean the company is not thinking of its own products, however. Its Microsoft Surface Pro is proof of that.

Satya Nadella is Microsoft’s third CEO after Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, both of whom led Microsoft through periods of success.  He comes from a cloud based hardware background, leading projects like the Xbox One.  Nadella believes it is important for Microsoft to be developing the “next three big things,” and if it is any indication, the company’s next big thing is just around the corner.

Microsoft’s hardware line is going to get a big push with its Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  The company is hoping consumers believe that it is a replacement for their PC, and many reviewers agree that it is the closest a tablet has gotten to a PC experience yet.  The device is much lighter than previous models, while also being faster.  In a Reddit AMA on May 27, users were concerned about battery life, but Microsoft engineers explained that the battery life of the Surface Pro 3 is the same as previous Surface tablets. The Surface Pro 3 will sport a Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processor.

Not everyone believes that the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will replace PCs forever, though.  The dreaded kickstand is still problematic.  Also, there are reports that the keyboard is not quite up to snuff, and not as sturdy as a traditional PC keyboard.  There is a matter of price as well.  The Surface Pro 3 with the i3 processor will retail for around $800.  The i5 model will be going for around $1300 and the i7 at $2200.  These are very pricey machines.

As Microsoft uses its Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet to push its next generation of hardware, CEO Satya Nadella has his eyes on a specific prize: the next three big things.  With an impressive Xbox One launch and the upcoming generation of devices, he could just have them.

Technology by Bryan Levy

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