Miley Cyrus Going Downhill

Miley Cyrus

The name of Miley Cyrus has become recognized around the world but more so in the United States. She is a 21-year-old international singing sensation. Ever since her public image as the Disney Channel country star, Hannah Montana, Cyrus has grown in popularity. She has come a long way from the country roots but this change could have taken a turn for the worst. The recent behavior seen from the pop star could be deemed inappropriate by a select few, including the parents of the teens that attended her Birmingham concert. The Nobody’s Perfect singer has shown that she is her own person and the ‘girl next door’ vibe that she held when performing as Hannah Montana looks to be washed away. It appears, however, that this rising star is going downhill from when Miley Cyrus first began.

It might be safe to say that Hannah Montana is the first thing to run through the mind at the mention of Miley Cyrus. Today, Hannah Montana could be considered as a ghost of the past. Disney Channel aired the very first Hannah Montana episode back in 2006 which was 8 years ago. It was about a small, hometown girl trying to find a medium in her double life as an ordinary person and a famous singer. It was seen many times during that show that finding such a thing might be impossible. The hectic life of the teen music star was further explored in the Hannah Montana movie where her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, gave her something of a reality check.

The day she stepped away from the Disney Channel it could be suggested that Cyrus has been going downhill ever since. The tone of the country singer’s music seemed to change dramatically overnight. No longer did it carry the sultry sound that is known to accompany country music. Now, it seems, she is more into the pop star culture of life and does not look as though she is turning back. As is seen in one of her music videos, Wrecking Ball, on YouTube there does not seem to be much connection with the lyrics and her actions. In the song it is speaking on matters of the heart yet Cyrus is seen sitting in the nude on a large wrecking ball in one scene. In another the tongue slinging singer is seen licking a sledge hammer. Many of comments surround this video appears to be the same negative message only worded differently; the audience loves the song and the in-depth meaning of it yet dislikes the video.

In the terms of going downhill, one might give thought to the performers’s latest concert in Birmingham, U.K. What must have made parents highly upset about this show were their under 18-year-old daughters flashing their bosoms at the influence and encouragement of the actress/singer. Reports say that Cyrus then proceeded to dub the town the ‘sluttiest’ one in the United Kingdom. This didn’t make the fans the least bit happy for Twitter was then blown up with negative comments. Miley Cyrus may indeed be going downhill but from the numerous amounts of concerts hosting such behavior it most likely does not register with the young singer.

Miley Cyrus may or may not be going downhill in paving her path in life. There might not be an answer to this as the singer continues to produce songs, appear in concerts, and create music videos. From what seemed to be a down to earth, hometown country girl to the now blonde, twerking pop performer of today one thing is for certain. The singer/songwriter is doing her own thing regardless of the opinions of others. She is definitely proving that she is, in fact, One In A Million.

Opinion by Isis E. Stevens