Mother Killed 2-Month-Old Son, Buried Him Alive [Video]

Trial started for mother accused of burying son aliveThe trial has started for a Texas mother charged in the murder of her two-month-old son after burying him face down in a muddy puddle. Initially the 32-year-old mother told police two black men kidnapped her newborn while she took him for a walk in his stroller. After a neighbor testified of seeing the child’s mother, Narjes Modarresi, walking calmly before slamming the empty stroller against a curb, the truth came out.

The woman’s infant, Masih Golabbakhsh, died after being buried in the muddy waters of the Buffalo Bayou. The mother is now on trial but the defense maintains his client is mentally ill. George Parnham, the defense attorney, told the jury Modarresi has a very long history of severe mental illness. He said her illness dates all the way back to when she was 17-years-old.

Parnham explained had his client not been a victim of severe mental illness this tragedy would not have happened. The defense said he will share her medical records which outline her attempts at suicide and another incident which occurred on a return trip to Houston from her native country Iran. During the flight Modarresi suffered a psychotic episode causing the plane to have to make an emergency landing in Qatar. His client had to be hospitalized in psychiatric emergency care for four days.

According to Parnham, the family is taking it hard because this is a tragedy that could have been avoided. His client, who also has a six-year-old child, was never able to bond with her newborn because she was mentally unstable. Parnham explained this was a mother who was not only depressed but suffered from bipolar disorder as well.

Assistant Harris County District Attorney Sunni Mitchell told jurors Modarresi woke up on the morning of April 21, 2010 and decided she would kill her son. Mitchell says he believes she killed her two-month-old baby because she never loved or wanted this child. He says Narjes was a baby who was in her way.

An officer later testified that he became suspicious of her story after she kept asking him if he believed her kidnapping story. The prosecution said it was not until this woman was confronted with what was known that things began to change and the lies evolved. Mitchell explained to jurors, after further investigation which caused police to begin questioning Modarresi’s story, did she finally tell the gruesome truth.

She then directed police to the muddy area near the Buffalo Bayou where her son’s body was found. Later an autopsy revealed that the infant was still alive when he was placed face down in the muddy water. Narjes had water and mud in his lungs, airway and stomach.

Prosecutor Joe Ownmby said if a person is so mentally unstable that they do not know the error in killing a child the only logical deduction is they would not attempt to cover it up. He believes since she originally claimed the child was kidnapped it is a clear indicator that she understood what she did was wrong and not just the result of a delusion or psychosis.

As the trial got underway Modarresi kept her head down. Prosecutors expect the trial will last about two weeks; if found guilty, this mother is facing life without the possibility of parole.

A Texas mother, Narjes Modarresi, has been charged in the murder of her two-month-old son after burying him face down in a muddy puddle. The defense argues that the woman’s severe case of bipolar disorder caused her to commit the murder, but prosecutors disagree stating the incident was too premeditated to be caused mental illness.


By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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