My Dream Beside Me Movie Review [Video]

My Dream Beside Me Movie Review [Videos]

A true love story has made it past real life, into a book and now in the form of a movie. Currently being shown in select theatres, My Dream Beside Me is a tale of lasting love, late in life. Mary Kay Slesinger and Paul Rich fell in love and had a wonderfully happy marriage for many years. Their story is being told and is being shared to inspire thousands with the hope and desire of true love and commitment.

My Dream Beside Me Movie Review [Videos]The story is simple, yet unique, as Kay was in her 60’s and Paul was in his 80’s when they first met. Both coming from other previous marriages, the two formed a bond that would carry them through to a new life and love. Trusting each other with secrets and recognizing spouses that had passed, they opened doors of a blossoming romance and shared experiences that formed a new dimension.

After 14 good years together, Paul passed away at the age of 101. The couple had formed a union that was worthy of sharing with others as Kay went on to tell their story of love. Each one had accomplished much in their lives and met on a cruise as singles when Kay was a motivational speaker. Recognizing common interests and the attraction between them, the couple married and embarked on a new life together.

After Paul’s death, Kay could not sit by and let it all fade. She wrote down every detail, which quickly became a book with her desire to make it into a movie. My Dream Beside Me, the tale of true love was born, first as a book and now as a movie.

Going through two good previous marriages, Kay had lost her husbands to deaths, but continued to succeed in the real estate business while raising her three children. She became a motivational speaker, promoting her book You’re It, and was invited to share her insights on life on a cruise. Already inspiring many, she happened to meet Paul Rich, a widow traveling after his wife’s death. Kay and Paul found a connection, which eventually took them into new territory and a love was formed late in life.

As Kay was hesitant at first, Paul did not give up and pursued her with quiet advances. They took their time, but the love they developed was not to be denied. It was all a dream come true and one many would admire, so Kay took to writing and eventually produced a movie about their love story.

A native of Ohio and a successful business woman, Kay had the connections to put her words into action. A go-getter all her life, overcoming obstacles and always turning the negative into a positive, Kay was able to share her story. She called on local talent from her home town of Urbana, Ohio and connected with others to help in her new venture.

Her story is a powerful message to all, as everyone needs to hear “I Love You” everyday. Kay enlisted the help of director Greg Robbins from Buffalo, NY and Gary McLaughlin, videographer and musician from Sherman Oaks, CA to help with her endeavors. The team quickly put together an inspiring film depicting the special love Kay shared with Paul.

My Dream Beside Me, the movie, was born and is currently being shown in select theatres. It is available on DVD as well. Kay was the executive producer of the film, but relied on many talents from actor Jeff Rose, as Paul, and Francine Locke and Lesley Bowen who played key roles in the film. The part of Kay was played by herself and she is most realistic in the role. Rose, age 48, endured many hours of make-up to depict her husband Paul.

My Dream Beside Me Movie Review
Gary McLaughlin

Using music from Frank Sinatra, Bette Midler, Tom Jones and Jefferson Starship, Gary McLaughlin added his talent and wrote two original songs for the movie. McLaughlin is an Urbana native and is well acquainted with Hollywood productions. Owner and operator of DMO Productions, he serves as video producer for Mrs. America and Mrs. World. His musical talents were used in My Dream Beside Me featuring his songs With My Dream Beside Me and Partners in Paradise. McLaughlin’s musical expertise was evident and added a special touch to the film. Depending on the political scene, McLaughlin is scheduled to go to Russia for the Mrs. World Pageant in late June.

Welcoming family and many old friends and supporters, the intimate movie premiere was a celebration. Kay has exemplified her courage, love of life and love and has shared the gift of lasting commitment. My Dream Beside Me is an upbeat film and serves to inspire all who hear and see the story of true love.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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