Nicki Minaj Pills and Potions [Video]

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has a new single coming out on iTunes called Pills and Potions, and her fans are all over Twitter about it. This superstar rapper has her followers giving it rave reviews before they even hear it. That speaks to the dedication of her followers, and how they managed to trend with #pillsandpotion on the social media giants site, without ever hearing a single note. It also speaks to how savvy the young rapper is at creating excitement and hype about the release, using social media to give her the edge. At just 31-years-old, Minaj is an accomplished singer, songwriter and actress, and the anticipation for her third album, The Pink Print is spilling over into the excitement of the release of the new single Pills and Potions. After revealing the title on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards, (below) and with a release date of Wednesday May 21, 2014 for the single, the news is spreading like wildfire over the web.

Nicki MinajHyping the new song as only she can do, she describes it as sounding like, urgency, betrayal, running and love. She also reveals in the interview that the full album will be out before 2015, and the single is reflective of the album to come. If the Billboard awards was not on the must watch list last night, fans can see the interview below. She certainly looked gorgeous in her little black dress, (right) however she may have been showing more than she wanted. It is anyone’s guess if Minaj intentionally wore the skin-tight dress to show the underside of her breasts, however she looked beautiful just the same. She posed and commanded attention at the awards ceremony with her hair and make up beautifully done. Known for outrageous hair and outfits, she looked sexy and mature and worked the carpet like a pro. Revealing the name of her single on the red carpet at this highly publicized event was brilliant to say the least.

After the successful release of her mixed tapes in 2007 and 2009, she signed with Young Money, and has been paving her way right to the top of the charts ever since. Based on early fan reactions this single will be no different. Her first album titled Pink Friday went Platinum, and the single from that album, Super Bass, went eight times Platinum. Minaj was the first solo female artist to have more than six singles on Billboards Hot 100 at the same time. Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded was her second album, which was released in 2012 and one of the best-selling albums of that year. This pop diva has sold over 5 million albums globally, and had The New York Times suggesting that she could be one of the most influential rappers of all time. Her sense of style and individuality has taken her into the fashion industry with icon status. In 2013 Nicki Minaj had over 44 appearances on Billboards Hot 100, and it appears she is looking to get there again with her single Pills and Potions. This young rapper has won many awards, and did character voice work on Ice Age: Continental Drift, as well as making her acting debut in The Other Woman in 2014.

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