Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pills N Potions’ Released

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj released Pills N Potions earlier today, as promised at the Billboard Awards last Sunday. The highly-awaited single is off of the entertainer’s third album The Pink Print, and by crafting a track that is not even remotely close to something Minaj has done before, it kicks off the singer’s attempt to take over the hip-hop scene.

The track premiered at 4:30am PT on Power 105 Breakfast Club (Live), a radio show Minaj frequents to discuss rap and other hip-hop related issues. Pills N Potions, is best described as a cross between R&B and rap. The song is a side step from the fiery rap verses that Minaj is usually known for. Pop songs with a verse of rap or two, or vice-versa, have been ruling the charts for a couple of years now. Minaj’s effort is something that is along the same lines. Starting the track with booming drums, Minaj croons on this personal track, rapping about her heartbreak and how she is still in love with memories of a forlorn lover who’s broken her heart.

Minaj did not lie when she said she loved the song and hyped it at the interview saying the track reminded her of urgency, betrayal, running and love. While fans tweeted the release of the song on Twitter, with #pillsnpotion, it is anticipated that the trend will change to #trackofthesummer.

Starting the track with an R&B styled chorus, Minaj sings of how she is still in love with the man who caused her to overdose on pills and potions. She is angry, but that does not stop her from crooning a catchy I-still-love-you hook. As we get to the first rap verse, Minaj spits verses that we have all come to love from the chart-topping rapstress. The track is reminiscent of Minaj’s previous efforts like Right Thru Me from Pink Friday, or Fire Burns from the follow up release. Minaj received a lot of criticism for going pop on the album. A lesson critics learned affected Minaj so much, it prompted the release of The Re-Up, a small album with rap songs that should have made the sophomore release. Minaj raps about how she has taken all the betrayal in stride and moved on with grace, even though she is still friendless and people want respect they have not yet earned. Minaj then raps about respect and being righteous while she still wishes the best for her rivals.

Singing with a better vocal range than she did on Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded, Minaj moves on to the second verse. This verse reflects on Minaj’s experiences with the negative effects of fame on her love life. Reflecting on people who used her for personal gains, she considers dropping the issue. The verse continues with Minaj rapping about how the lavish life she leads still leads her to the pills and potions she needs to remind herself that she is still in love.

Dr Luke who produced Pills N Potions with Minaj is set to create some magic with her this summer. Hopefully the release of Pills N Potions, by Minaj is followed by even better tracks off The Pink Print.

By Rathan Paul Harshavardan

Complex Music

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