One Direction Caught With Cannabis Prior to Show [Video]

One DirectionThe band One Direction was caught smoking cannabis before a show in Peru in a shocking new video. Before the show, two members of the band were videotaped smoking cannabis. Louis Tomlinson filmed the video showing both himself and Zayne Malik smoking what appears to either be a really fat cigarette or a blunt. Behind the camera, Tomlinson jokes about smoking being part of the creative process before a show. He even jokes about Mary Jane being part of the concert.

Another popular celebrity to make a video is Miley Cyrus though she claimed what she was smoking was legal in California. In the video you see them smoking as a policeman drives by. While possession of less than eight grams is legal in Peru there are still severe legal ramifications. Though this did not seem to bother One Direction band members who had no problem getting caught with said cannabis as they continued to film within the vicinity of the police officer. The biggest concern is the backlash this may have with the parents of younger fans.

Many parents are not going to be happy that their children may be exposed to cannabis. This may cause some to think if this is occurring before the show then what is exactly happening at the shows that they let their children attend. Some sources speculate though that this could just be a prank or skit for an upcoming DVD. If so many parents will breathe a sigh of relief. Though this is a common occurrence with many celebs in their 20s ranging from Kristen Stewart to reality star Jenelle Evans. Though some parents may boycott this band, fans will most likely propel towards the young singers even more. Many will find this act to show the bad boy side of the polished musical group and most of the female fans will love that they were even brave enough to video it.

This video is just more proof that more and more people across the world are showing approval of smoking cannabis. In reality the spread of smoking cannabis among young adults is spreading rather than receding thanks, in part, to certain states passing new cannabis laws. One Direction is not the first band to smoke cannabis prior to a concert, but possibly one of the first to put it on video. For most, having One Direction caught smoking cannabis is equivalent to catching teens drinking underage which is a common occurrence that is kept well hidden and under wraps the majority of the time.

In the video Tomlinson does most of the talking while Malik sees to be relaxing and having fun. Many singers have ways to help prevent nervousness before a show and this may be One Direction members’ way of doing the same. It could be much worse as they could be drinking or doing much harder drugs. At this time, according to the original video poster, lawyers of the band are steadily working on bringing the video down. One Direction in the past has never quite had this kind of publicity, so it will be interesting to see not only how they handle getting caught smoking cannabis but how the public reacts as well.

Opinion by Heather Tillman

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